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11/11/2015 11:39 PM
Did you buy it from Big 5? I saw they had it for $830 and $790 for some special sale the next few days. If you got it there maybe you can get $40 back.

Anyway, the Magpuls may or may not fit, something about the latch interface. The Ruger Poly mags are pretty darn good. I like that they come in 3, 5 and 10 rounders.

I wouldn't sweat the stainless vs blued. You bought a great rifle that was in a price range you could afford.  It sounds like you may have even sacrificed a bit to get it. That should help make it special along with memories made with it out in the field. The laminate GSR stock is damn near indestructible and someday I am sure you will be able to get a Ruger poly stock if you chose too. It is easy to get caught up in the love for stainless steel---I do myself, but my 1954 Winchester Model 70 has shot literally thousands of animals (Culling operations) on three continents and New Zealand. It's also been to the bottom of a lake and hunted in coastal areas. No rust inside, the bluing is worn, but honest looking and the walnut stock is still solid. (I sealed it with the beeswax inside and under the action.) Blued steel/ordinance steel has some advantages over stainless as well. The matte blued finish Ruger puts on the GSR is very practical and for field use I think the flash hider is more practical than the brake they put on the 16.1" poly stock version.

I look forward to hearing about your trials, tribulations and discoveries with your new rifle.

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11/12/2015 12:17 AM
I was planning on getting it from Big 5, but there were two people on a waiting list and it was on hold. Dick's has a price match guarantee and I have their loyalty rewards card thingy, so I "earned" something like $60 back today that I can use on ammo or some such thing when I go pick it up.

Good to know about the Magpuls.. I messed around with the rifle without that 10rd mag it comes with and that empty magazine alone adds a lot of weight.

The only time i've hunted in snow was by accident, and luckily, I had the serape to throw over my sleeping bag (we'd planned for 45 degree lows...my brother was not as lucky) - I think it's more wishful thinking that i'd be out enough to think I'd utilize the benefits of a stainless rifle - especially with two little ones running around, I get out much less than my daydreaming tells me I do.

Hoping to find some pigs this winter though... That will be a good test. I'm definitely looking forward to getting it out into the field!
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11/12/2015 12:24 AM
Did you get to try a few to see the difference in weight?
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11/12/2015 12:40 AM
Just the one at Dick's, and the one at Big 5. They felt about the same. I'm not too worried about it, my Weatherby Vanguard is as heavy, if not more heavy than the Ruger.
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11/12/2015 11:01 PM
Are you going to scope it?
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11/12/2015 11:15 PM
Eventually. I'm going to start off with iron sights, and i may stick my Nikon 2-7x (not EER) on it. I can't afford a scout scope and i don't really like 1x scopes or red dots. I run a 4x on my AR which seems about perfect for me so far. I thought about getting one of the cheap $50 EER scopes off of Amazon just to mess with it, but i don't want to buy a crappy scope and then have to buy another scope to replace it and be left with a crappy scope in the closet.

I did order one Magpul 5rd pmag, as well as a Ruger 5 and 10 round. I'll let you know how the pmag works out. I have 10 more days before I can pick it up (Dick's does 11 day waiting periods instead of 10 for some reason. Probably just to mess with people)

I'm probably just going to use one of my generic nylon slings as well until I do some more research and see what else i'd like.
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11/25/2015 7:43 PM
chorpie wrote:
I sold a computer to make up the difference between the Savage I was looking at and the GSR. $830... it's the laminate version though. The LGS wanted $1k for the poly stocked one, and not the stainless model. Now to wait for the 10 round AI pattern PMAGs to release...


They were shipping before you even bought your rifle. Reports over on ScoutRifle.org say some feed lips get shaved a bit the first few time you cycle the action with them. Others got them and the lips didn't get shaved but everyone agrees they work as well as the factory poly mags. 



I still carry my old laminate stock GSR as my go to truck gun but recently I picked up two guns that may end up replacing it. I took a chance and ordered a NIB 336Y and either they cleaned up their act or I got lucky. Sights appear straight and the action while not smooth isn't any rougher than I'd expect on a $300 rifle. I plan on doing some work to slick it up and maybe attempting to machine a LPA sight for the rear (like Grizzly Custom does). The stock is to fat for the side of the gun but thats an easy fix with some careful belt sander work. Haven't had time to shoot it yet so I the jury is still out on it. 

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11/25/2015 7:53 PM
I got both the Ruger and Magpul mags in, the 10 rounders aren't available yet from what I have seen. At least they weren't when I ordered it.

One thing i've noticed about the PMag is that unlike the Ruger mags, it won't fully seat unless I have the bolt open.Maybe this is an issue with the feed lips being a little tall, i don't know. I won't even have a chance to get to the range until after Thanksgiving, but I'll update with what I find out.
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3/29/2016 5:49 PM
Just out of curiosity, why are the Henry rifles not considered for such a role. Is it method by which they are loaded, their weight, or a combination thereof. I have a Big Boy in .357 and find the overall fit, finish and operation to be excellent. Accuracy is also stellar. Once it gets a patina it loses its flash appearance. It is even less intimidating than say Winchesters or Marlins. Fast action, great trigger.
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4/1/2016 9:27 AM
I have been down this road a bunch, and following the path may be as fun as getting to the destination. Here are some random thoughts.

.30-30 Lever: Pretty hard to beat this choice for compact/slick action, at least until you run the tube dry. If iron sights and the power level work for you it is a good choice.

Pistol caliber lever: I have never owned one. They look neat but personally if I am going to carry a rifle for 'social' purposes, I want the penetration a rifle caliber offers. I wouldn't fault someone for choosing a magnum calibers lever gun.

Mini 14: I admit I really like the platform, and they make a great choice IF you are happy with the caliber and can get yours to shoot accurately. Mine have been 'good enough' but not great in the accuracy department.

AR: I shoot them well but I just don't like the looks and form for this purpose. I know, that's just me but I like the way a traditional stocked rifle carries and comes up to the shoulder.

M1A: I recently got a synthetic scout squad. It is not nearly as heavy as everyone lets on, and mine has been nothing but reliable. If you like irons and can tolerate a bump in weight, I think it is a good choice. I may change my mind but right now I like it a lot.

Scout bolt gun: I am attracted to them but have never bought one. The Ruger with wood seemed almost as heavy as the M1A without the advantages of the M1A. I may get one some day, especially if I get disillusioned with the M1A as I like the power of the .308 round.

Oddball: a Tikka with detachable magazine could probably fill the role just as good or better than most of the above for less money, less weight, and increased long range accuracy. I hunt with one and it is light, smooth, inexpensive, and VERY accurate. Of all the choices listed above, the Tikka would be the first if I have to take a 300 yard shot at something.

As it stands now, I use the M1A as a general purpose 'camp gun'. I used to use a M94 and a stainless Mini 14. I still do sometimes, but I guess the M1A is just the newest toy for me. I am/have been happy with all of them in non-bear country. If I am worried about the remote possibility of a bear encounter, I want something in .30 caliber, preferably .308.
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4/2/2016 3:41 AM
Ive really enjoyed this topic but haven't seen any mention of Remington 7615 any were! For us down under is our AR! Do you guys in the state use them? Ive been looking for compact rifle,purchased a Marlin 336 W and had it refunded under warranty as the top of the action had not been machined flat! been looking at a BLR stainless in 308 but they $2000 here at the moment! Has any one been shooting one and got it sorted and are there any 10 round mags that are available?
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5/21/2016 8:28 PM

Ive never liked the Henrys because of the front loading design (dont ask me what the proper term is) but I do think they are quite pretty.  Ive never shot one but I only hear good about them.

My General Purpose rifle would be either my Marlin .30-30 (Pre Remington; irons only at the moment; maybe a scout soon) or my Savage .30-06 (3-9x40)

My M1A would do well except for the weight, but if trouble seemed slightly more imminent it would probably be the choice.  I did run it in an informal 3 gun the other day and I did better than I thought I would.

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6/3/2016 6:28 PM
I've enjoyed the reading so far and I have found myself with many of the same rifles as everyone else. I have had to come to the conclusion that there isn't a rifle that fills enough nitches for me. I love my GSR, but it is a pain to carry just to have it. If I am hunting it gets the nod. My AR is for work. No desire to pack it around, even in a truck. I have a Winchester 30-30 but it was my great grandfather's so it doesn't get hauled around. I picked up a Rossi 92 because it is cheap and fills the lever gun role, and might be my favorite grab-and -go rifle. I considered 44 mag for the power, but I went with 45 Colt because I have the stuff to load for it. Then I started reading up on it and found John Linebaugh's website. He shows how the 45 Colt outshines the 44 mag in a firearm built to handle it. I have 325 grain hardcast lead rounds that are doing 1350 fps, and I could push it faster if there was a need. Thankfully I don't see a need because while that round is manageable its not one you want to shoot at cans all day long. Instead I loaded some 250 gr rounds at around 1100 fps. Much nicer to shoot, and that is more than most anything around here wants to get shot with.
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6/3/2016 6:50 PM
Ccombs wrote:
I've enjoyed the reading so far and I have found myself with many of the same rifles as everyone else. I have had to come to the conclusion that there isn't a rifle that fills enough nitches for me. I love my GSR, but it is a pain to carry just to have it. 

 I'm guessing you have the laminate stock?  Put it in the new Ruger poly and its a different critter.  Mine sans scope/mount with the peep weighs 6# on the nose.

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9/30/2016 12:24 PM
The Remington 7615.....

Accuracy has been abysmal in the samples I have seen~ 6-8" groups is pretty standard. Match ammo might cut to 3" on a good day. I guess they fill a role or maybe just an SKU.
If your role is for an inaccurate rifle that holds or can hold a lot of rounds it fits. It does nothing an 870 or GP bolt rifle won't do better. Even a lever gun is a better option. Being restricted to ten rounds makes the 7615 even less of a fruitful idea.
I wouldn't spend my own or tax dollars on one... They are just not there.
It is a pity too. I really liked the idea of a pump .308 that could hold 10 Rds and load easily.
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9/24/2017 10:26 AM
Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. I have read it in its entirety and enjoyed reading people's perspectives on the subject.

Not to raise the dead, but here is my perspective:
I have been shooting and collecting guns since I was about 12, I'm currently 48. I have a pretty varied collection, but recently have been streamlining and consolidating. I seem to have two categories of guns at this point, guns for shooting/enjoyment and guns for serious work.
I currently live in CA, but am transitioning to AZ. This impacts the type of rifle I carry and use. I have a few AR's and love them, but they do bring too much attention here in CA. Even though many CA versions of the rifle exist and are in widespread use, they still elicit too much scrutiny for me. Because of this I rely heavily on my Ruger GSR and my Marlin lever actions. Like Scott, I prefer the straight grip and have been lucky enough to pick up three 18" versions and my favorite: the 16" LTS. Over the years I have found that the .30/30 is ideal for me here in CA. It is adequately powerful for all things here in CA, is innocuous, and is a system that I am extremely familiar with. The lower capacity is offset by the fact that I can reload the rifle while it is still loaded and in battery.

Having said that, I really love my GSR. It is very accurate, powerful, and handy; all things I value in a rifle. I tend to take this rifle out to the desert where shots can be much longer and I can stretch the GSR's legs.

Now Ruger seems to have offered another option that is very appealing to me. They have recently offered the American Ranch in 7.62x39 that is fed by Ruger Mini-30 magazines. The use of these magazine also locks the bolt open after firing the last round, something I like in a bolt gun. I currently have one on order and can't wait to get it set up. I am going to start with a red dot sight mounted on the forward portion of the action and see how that works. I would also like to try the Leupold FX-II ultralight 2.5. My overall goal is to end up with a low profile, compact rifle with a range of about 250 yards. I like the idea of relatively inexpensive ammo, but I reload, so I am sure I will play with that as well. I will post an update in a few weeks.

Thanks again to all for sharing knowledge!

Credo Quia Absurdum!
New Post
12/2/2017 2:38 AM

Went back and re-read this opening post.

We're all men and we don't know what we don't know.   I think Scot's question remains a great one.

What firearms - one rifle and one handgun- do you grab when that is all you can reasonably carry, you may spend a bunch of time on foot in rugged conditions and you may face any number of scenarios?

Backpacking in the Rockies helped frame the question for me.

My leaning right now is toward a light to medium weight (8 lbs w/o scope) 18" barrel .308 AR  with a good 2x7 scope on QD mounts and a Glock 20 10mm.

If travel to less free parts of America was part of the equation, the .308 AR might give way to a .308 Scout rifle, though I have no personal experience with these and don't own one.   Glock 20 would still be good with 10 rds mags. 

An old school alternative for me might be an M1 Garand paired with a M1911 with the M1 set up (Schuster gas plug etc) to fire hunting ammo.   There is a weight and length penalty here on the rifle and it isn't cheap or easy to mount optics on it.  M1911 could be a lightweight frame one to save some weight.

Would be interested the current state of the art of our thinking on this.   Seems like from other threads on the forum, the drift is toward lever guns with optics.

New Post
12/3/2017 10:30 AM

The Scout Rifle spanks the 308 AR as a GP rifle, IMO.  MOA Accurate AR10's are rumored but seldom appear.  My Steyr and my Ruger will put five rounds of GMM into an inch/100yd consistently.

Cooper always opined the 7/08 was Scout-worthy, I think he'd like the Creedmoor, but it doesn't quite pass the "Walmart" ammo-availability test yet. That might change as that chambering has increased in sales every year for the last ten years.

New Post
12/3/2017 10:33 AM
Take-a-knee wrote:
I'd reccomend the Ruger GSR over anything you mentioned.  Mine might cause me to sell my Steyr Scout.  I'd buy a 300 Blackout upper before I bought a 6.8. The only 6.8 mags that have a reliable rep are the PRI's, at 40 bucks each. 
I posted the above quite a while back.  Never bought a Blackout, did build a 6.8......oh well.


New Post
12/4/2017 1:25 AM

Scott's initial post was one of the first the things I read on this forum.  It resonated well with me.  I recognize the pursuit of balancing the number of guns one possesses with the number of guns one actually needs.  Of course the balance of need is all too often swayed by want.  Thus, the tug of war that rages when I set foot in a gun shop or peer into my safe.  Thank God for the range, a proving ground of sorts.   Like Scott, I have multiples of guns I consider useful.  Like most gun owners in this country, I'm over-gunned and under-shot. 

Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter.

Pistol - A good pistol is indespensable.  It's taken far too long for me to realize that most of them are about the same.  Preference and familiarity reign supreme in this category.  For me, the preferred and most familiar pistol is a Glock 19.  I'm also working toward proving out a Glock 34 for my all around (except concealed carry) go to pistol.

Rifle - In this category, I've settled on the Ruger Scout Rifle, in .308, laminate stock with the 16" barrel.  The gun is unmodified save for the addition of the HPG stock cuff, sling, and Streamlight Protac 1L / Proctor light mount.  It was selected because I like bolt actions, has iron sights, it is 50 state legal, loads from a box magazine, has good accuracy, it's relatively short and light, .308, threaded barrel and offers a variety of sight options.  I have attempted to fill this role with the AR, AK, Mini-14, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand and lever action.  The Ruger GSR seems to be the only one that I can "thoroughly make do" with.

As a side note, I've recently got in to the silencer game.  My experience has only been with a Ruger Mk2 and Ruger American Rimfire in .22.  When suppressed, both are excellent game getters and phenomenal trainers.  The Mk2 is proving to be far more versatile than I ever thought possible.  Which is to say, I'm still learning new things as I gain more experience.


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