Hill People Gear - Real use gear for backcountry travelers - Designed in Colorado made in USA

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Our products offer solid value and thoughtfully engineered solutions to a wide variety of backcountry problems.

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Hill People Gear | Education

Winter has always been a time for gathering in the longhouse and sharing information around the fire. This is our contribution to that tradition.

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Hill People Gear | Experience

Specifications like empty pack weight, number of pockets, and weight capacity are nearly irrelevant when it comes to whether or not a piece of equipment will perform for you in the backcountry. The real metric is efficiency -- greatest functional return on least amount of effort. You don't often hear about efficiency when it comes to outdoor gear design because it can't be conceived in a studio and it doesn't go into a retailers comparison chart. But efficiency is at the heart of what we do -- at Hill People Gear, we build tools to solve or avoid problems that we've run into over years of backcountry travel, both for work and adventure.

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