Every Pocket a Pack

At Hill People Gear, we've always understood that not everybody uses their gear in the same way. As a result, one of our design principles is interchangeability of components. Our larger packs are engineered to accept a variety of back pockets. This lets you swap a single constantly loaded back pocket between a couple of different sized packs, and it also allows you to maintain different back pockets set up for different uses for the same backpack.

Every Pocket a Pack expands on this interchangeability and allows you to to use your favorite pocket either as a small pack or a sling bag. All of our largest pockets (Palspocket, Tarapocket, Admin Pocket) have foam inserts in framesheet-like pockets for stiffness when used as a pack. If you need even more support, you can add a pocket framesheet for $3.50. Your new favorite small pack might just be the HPG pocket that you already own!

Pocket Harness

The Pocket Harness is a trimmed down version of our full featured harness, designed to drape the body and spread the load across a wide surface area for comfort. It has 1/8" closed cell foam and a fixed position 3/4" sternum strap. It attaches and detaches quickly using (4) grimlocs.

coyote harness on ranger Tarapocket
Tarapocket with Pocket Harness
fixed height 3/4" sternum strap
coyote harness on elk brown Attache
coyote harness on elk brown Attache
harness is compact and light
coyote harness on coyote Admin Pocket
coyote harness on black Palspocket
Pocket Sling

The Pocket Sling is for those who want a small pack for urban use, or the quick access convenience of pulling items out of your pack without taking it off. It is a wide strap padded with 1/4" closed cell foam. It attaches to the pocket with 3 grimlocs and can be set up for either left or right shoulder carry. A 1 channel / 3 row MOLLE grid completes the front of the strap. It comes with conversion hardware that will allow you to use a Tarahumara or Junction as a sling pack.

set up for right shoulder carry
Manatee grey Palspocket
ranger green Admin Pocket
elk brown Attache
elk brown Attache side view
elk brown Attache side view
coyote sling on an elk brown Tarahumara