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We started out making the gear we wanted for the backcountry travel we do. We knew that folks with similar needs would eventually find us. They did... but so did a lot of others as well.

We realized that the experience and knowledge base we take for granted isn't particularly common and we needed to help our customers not just with gear, but with knowledge and skills as well.

Our focus is practical and efficient backcountry travel. Not historical re-enactment, not "extreme hunting mountain ops", and not whatever this season's "outdoor lifestyle" couture looks like. Just like the animals we most respect, we try to cultivate generalized and flexible approaches that allow us to quickly adapt to a wide variety of environments.

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Events are a great opportunity to see our gear and learn more about its outdoor application.

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play_circle_outline Longhouse Instructional Series

Our "Hill People Gear Longhouse" video instructional series is an ever growing library that is free to everyone! The video above is the start of the full playlist.


The HPG equipage taxonomy is a systematic approach to thinking about backcountry living systems -- what you need to carry and when. For seasoned backcountry travelers, it may serve as nothing more than a way of understanding under which circumstances each piece of gear we produce is most useful. For everyone else, we hope it serves as a good introduction to their own integration with a backcountry or austere environment.


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Different experiences, different environments, different methodologies... Our community forum is a place to learn from a wide variety of backcountry travelers, some of them quite seasoned.

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