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7/11/2016 7:31 PM

Hey All, 

I am fairly new to HPG, but appreciate both the gear, and the wealth of knowledge in the community. I am looking for a new pack, and trying to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. I am wondering if the Ute is set up in a way that folks find capable of hauling quartered elk. I've done a fair bit of searching through the forum and havent seen this question answered, but I'm likely just missing it. 


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7/11/2016 8:37 PM
Kinda new to the Ute myself but my plan this fall and winter is to have either the Connor or the Highlander on the back with my day stuff, and the bag empty for meat if needed. Or if it is quarters then I figure I can collapse the bag and strap a quarter on. It is not often I need to pack meat but I don't doubt either will work.
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7/11/2016 8:42 PM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of very useful info here, and all around bunch of good guys. I don't know any of them personally, maybe someday.

I have packed out 2 elk with the UTE. 2 years in a row ye-ha.

6 miles in on good trail.
late October, nice weather both years.
4 trips each, including camp.
3 days.

I pack in for 4 days at a time for rifle season , Bow Season sometimes I will stay 5 days. If I kill I bone out the Elk and hang meat best I can. Some times it's not possible to hang meat if kill is in sage. I try not to load more then 60--70 lbs total. I have camp to pack and meat. I take out some camp and a load of meat first day if enough time. Second day I try to make 2 trips. and finish up day 3. I've packed out several Elk and Mule deer this way. I use meat bags and the suspension system on the UTE is really the best. You have to cinch up the meat on the bottom to flatting it out or you will have a meat ball in the bottom of pack. I'm trying to say the UTE loads, packs out the best I've ever used. First season I packed out a Deer was 1970, and I have been looking for this pack for along time.

I can't pack out those 100 plus loads anymore, I suppose the UTE would pack it, but not me.

So, I enjoy my UTE and would recommend you consider the UTE.
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7/12/2016 8:41 AM
I have also been lucky enough to pack out some elk with mine. I am in the debone and place the meat in the main bag club. The only thing I would caution on a quarter is if you are planning on getting a full in-bone quarter in the main bag its probably not going to happen because of the opening size. A smaller quarter might fit, a large big bodied one I just don't think it will fit. However, you could easily secure a quarter to the outside of the pack using the compression system, you could sandwich it between the main bag and the compression panel.

I just find it easiest to de-bone the quarter, place the meat in slender vertical game bags and then place the game bags inside the main bag. Their are many ways to getting meat out in the back country, and its not to say that strapping a quarter to the outside of the pack may be a better way of doing things. Like Boy Wonder said the compression system on the Ute is really outstanding making the pack really really versatile on how it can be used.
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7/12/2016 2:50 PM
This thread didn't disappear, I just stickied it because it's that time of year and this question comes up a lot.

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9/18/2016 10:18 AM
Not elk but we took 2 mule deer and 3 Coues deer last year and packed several out in the Ute.

A boned out buck will fit minus the rack but it gets tight. I am pretty OCD about not leaving any meat on the carcass. There is not much left behind but hide and bones.

Two of the Coues came out of some awful gnarly country several miles in with not a road or trail for miles. A good set of trekking poles is worth every cent if you plan on managing heavy (+60lb) loads in steep rocky terrain.

I had the Tarahumara configured at the time but will be running a Conner pocket on the front this year. This should be a winning combination.

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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11/10/2016 3:53 PM
Anyone end up packing quarters with their Ute this fall? Or with a Qui-Ya for that matter...?
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11/10/2016 8:05 PM
Used mine a couple weeks ago to pack out a deer. Front shoulders, hind end, and boned out the rest. All fit in the bag with room to spare. Wasn't exactly a Boone and Crocket buck but he tastes damn good. Bag weighed 50-55 lbs total with the head.
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