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2/14/2018 8:42 AM
I know the AHBC is bigger pack than the Connor but if lightly loaded would it still make an okay panel on the back of a UTE?
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2/15/2018 7:47 AM

I know the AHBC is bigger pack than the Connor but if lightly loaded would it still make an okay panel on the back of a UTE?

This keeps coming up so one of us is going to need to test it at some point. Short answer -- I wouldn't recommend it but it might work. Stepping back, I'm having a hard time understanding the scenario where it makes sense to put a ~4.5lb "pocket" on the back of 5.5lb pack. Sometimes I even chafe at the weight of a Connor pocket on the back of my qui-Ya. The only reason I'm running the Connor pocket instead of Palspocket is because it's big enough to conceal either one of the two carbines I might want to carry on the trail. Other than that, it's mostly empty.

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2/15/2018 9:32 AM
The weight difference may just be enough reason to not do it. Besides I know I would never keep my AHBC "lightly loaded" until I hiked it enough to hate my choices in gear.

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2/15/2018 10:09 AM

I was one of the folks what wanted put a AHBC as pocket in one Qui-Ya (Qui-Ya have better load management than Ute).

No more.

I today see this (AHBC as pocket) as is no practical. More pratical is the Qui-Ya or Ute only and NO POCKET. This large load packs will have 90% or more of all things do you need in long terms outdoors. If you optate for a pocket, this (connor or palspocket or tarahumara or tara pocket) will have the others 10% or less of your gear. 

When your set your basecamp, if you need make another small incursion that need a pack, so you will leave the Qui-Ya or Ute in basecamp and will load your pocket as your pack. (You will need another harness, or pocket harness, or shifting the harness of qui-Ya or Ute to pocket) 

I learned what load carriage in wilderness is a constant exercise and demanding of wisely decisions. Useful things vs weight of this gear vs I want this gear vs I really need this gear. 

The final aspect is no how many lbs do you want/can carry in long trekking.

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3/8/2018 8:54 PM

Is there somebody who can tell where the "Made in USA" label is in the AHBC?

Pictures of it would be more helpful. Thank you.

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3/9/2018 5:34 AM

It's on the back panel, left side as you are looking at the front of the pack, about 1/3 way down just above the lower attachment for the Aston panel strap. Mine is the same color as the pack, it took a second to find it. I can't do pix here since the photoshop mess, but i can email one if you want.

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3/9/2018 6:18 AM

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation

I hope you send me some pictures if you don't mind. This is my email address.


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3/13/2018 7:20 AM
evanhill wrote:
mpage175 wrote:
evanhill wrote:
"I do really like this footprint and suspension setup for an all around pack and you're going to see a top loader in this size so I've got something I want to carry."
Are you willing to elaborate? I love my Umlindi, but I want something a little bigger (but smaller than Ute). Not sure if I should buy the AHBC or wait for this other pack.

Bear in mind that I have it designed in my head but haven't even gotten so far as patterning yet. Reliably scheduling my time is difficult right now.

Ute / Umlindi / qui-Ya design pattern, AHBC size, AHBC suspension, qui-Ya top pocket, and a little something new for the compression / pocket attachment setup.

I was looking at the AHBC, but I will wait for this pack. This is exactly what I have been hoping for.
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3/14/2018 11:21 AM
Has anyone run the AHBC without the frame sheet and stays?
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3/31/2018 2:01 PM
112Papa wrote:
Received AHBC earlier in the month. So far, 3 commercial air trips with it, about 12 legs.
Loads very effectively. Space configuration is very efficient for standard travel gear.
All fasteners and zippers stayed exactly where they started the trip(s). No issues with unplanned movement of zippers(they are beefy).
Stays/frame sheet are a solid design and execution. Harness is solid HPG. Aston Pocket is functional and swings to allow access to the main bag. Also effective for quick stuffing of a shell, or a book, or an HPG Attache.
Pack carries very well at a full load out(currently not using a belt). No experience with partial loads, however, in typical HPG form, the compression system should work well.
Fits in the overhead of a CRJ 200(the gold standard for small overhead "storage"), and an E175. Easy-peasy in the overhead on the AB 320/321, and a B717.
Have used a HPG KB, Umlindi for years. So, the HPG design/execution remains spot on.
This is a solid "travel bag", with the ability to use as a real pack, should the situation dictate.


I'd appreciate hearing more about how you're using this pack. I've reached out to HPG directly as my needs sound like they might be similar to yours. I need a travel bag that I can rely upon for getting off the beaten track, and this particular bag has been recommended to me by a number of different people.

I'm a consultant, living out of one bag, moving between as diverse a set of environments as you can imagine - Wall St boardrooms, UN in Geneva, mountains in Colombia, beaches in Thailand - often on the road for up to six months. I'm in and out of various commercial aircraft, trains, and boats. I need something that's reliable, modular, discrete (not screaming tactical). The AHBC in black, with a pocket in foliage, and possibly an HPG attache, seems like it might do the trick. I've also been thinking about how I might mod it myself, by creating my own slick tail that could be used to tuck away the harness for air travel, and also wrap up the back of the pack for general carry.

Any ideas you're willing to share, I'd be grateful.

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4/1/2018 12:24 AM


You are certainly running some serious travel. 

My travel runs a max of a week to 10 nights.  When going over a night or two, I can get everything I need into the AHBC.   Longer trips, or trips with materials, require the use of a second bag, usually a duffle bag(also carry on capable).

May I ask what info are you looking for, specifically?

Best regards,



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4/2/2018 6:15 AM
Sorry if this has been answered in another thread or post, but how well would the pals pocket integrate as a substitute for the Aston panel? I imagine it would be less effective as a compression panel, but I'd like an option to mount pouches there while not have them be sitting out in the open. Would the straps on the pals pocket line up well enough?
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4/2/2018 4:46 PM

@sbbarrie I am currently working on setting my AHBC with a Pals Pocket the way you are asking about. I am waiting on some Nexus ITW clips to do it. My plan is to put the buckle body on one side of the Pals and the buckle latch on the other side. The Aston Panel will be set up the same way as far as buckles go. I am also changing the corresponding buckle latch’s out for buckle bodies on the compression straps attached to the pack. My plan is to be able to clips the left side compression strap to the right side and run the bag “naked” or clip the Pals Pocket on for a compression panel/pocket or clip the Aston Panel in place like it comes from HPG. I think this will make a very versatile pack. I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully the Nexus parts get here soon. 

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4/2/2018 6:51 PM

Great, thanks! I like your idea of using the ITW clips. I look forward to seeing the results. 

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4/3/2018 4:34 PM
So, I have no idea how to post pics and I don’t put pics on any sort of hosting site. To further complicate things I tried to PM sbbarrie and it doesn’t find the name as a user. I am lost. If anyone wants to see pics and a description of how I sent my packs up I would be happy to share via email. Mine is my username at yahoo . com. Pay attention to spelling as there is no “A” in Bullhed