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9/9/2016 5:00 AM
+1 on the "what GI Joe was it?"

From an engineer's perspective, most people don't think about manufacturing cost as well. Given enough time, money and resources, sure, you could make a pack that expands to 10,000 CI, and snugs down to 1000 CI for day hunts/hikes, weighs 3 lbs, and can carry 200 lbs plus, however, do you want it to cost $5000?

Sometimes, the most simple things at first glance, take the most thought. For example. People would say the Volkswagon Beetle was a simple car. However, it took a lot of engineering and thought to figure how how big you could make that engine and still have it be air cooled, down sizing the carburator so people couldn't tax the engine. etc.

Simple designs that accomplish a task, often are the most elegant in terms of design and engineering.
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9/10/2016 2:07 AM
So I guess that HPG solar powered wind turbine I have been daydreaming about is out the window. Isn't there a saying about how amateurs talk tactics, and professionals talk logistics? You guys have the best line going. Keep doing what you have been.
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5/18/2017 2:13 AM
Hi to everybody! Newby to this site. HPG, I must agree to the opening post and funny that I should start my communication with this thread.Appreciate your integrity. Astounded by the solutions to problems you have produced. For the most part of 40 years I've tweaked and remodeled products to suit my needs and have arrived at similar results. I have yet to find a company that produces such excellent work. I was looking for a new backpack when I found this site, so yes I do have ideas.

To express my thoughts in a nut-shell,
I am a student of the clam-shell,
cannot come to grips with the sack,
as I follow another track,
so I wonder if you've a mind,
to help me out of my bind,
maybe to add a zipper or two,
in the shape of a U,
no need of a prize,
at least customize.
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9/19/2017 10:02 PM

I'm certainly no poet like my man Daniel Adam up above me, but...

I would like to see some form of padded pouch to hold Vortex binoculars on my Recon Belt. The GP pouch just barely fits them, with no room for anything else, and it's not protected at that (granted, it was designed for this in the first place).

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9/30/2018 6:19 AM
Two items.
1) a pals cut panel for a chest harness. Something just to run the bino pouch off of.
2) a snubby kit bag with a pals panel on the front, basically a heavy recon in the width of the snubby for a smaller chested person.
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2/17/2019 6:49 AM
Would love to see a larger more versatile canteen pouch, no manufacturers make a good canteen pouch that i know of except maybe centre line systems. I love the design bend the HPG canteen pouch but the fact it does not fit a canteen cup and a larger canteen such as the Heavy Cover is a no deal for me.
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsHPGHPGHey HPG, I've got this gear idea...Hey HPG, I've got this gear idea...