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10/5/2012 9:33 AM

As requested here it is. Lay out what you carry, why, and where you are using it as desert requirements are going to differ from say the PNW. 

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10/5/2012 10:56 AM

Do you mean car , truck or pack?

i don't carry much in the vehicles really, so,etimes chains. On long winter trios I carry a sleeping bag, make sure it's full of gas. I ask Angie to carry a spot in the winter sometimes.  

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10/5/2012 3:47 PM

I mean vechicular transportation (motorcycle, jeep, atv, FJ60, truck, etc.....).  This thread was suggested/requested in the backcountry gas thread.

Co-Owner Hill People Gear "If anything goes wrong it will be a fight to the end, if your training is good enough, survival is there; if not nature claims its foreit." - Dougal Haston
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10/5/2012 4:45 PM

As the requestor, thanks for starting this, Scot.

I'm in WA, most time spent in mid-Winter in the Blue Mtns or E. Cascades, nearly always solo, or just w/ my kids, so I try to be as sufficient as I can. I've been burned a few times out of my own stupidity and lack of preparation, so if my list seems a bit on the heavy side, that is why. Rig is F-150 ext. cab, long bed.

For breakdowns that I've either directly experienced or heard of:

Cooling system:

  • Spare radiator cap
  • Spare timing belt and tools to install it
  • duct tape for hose failure
  • 5gal Reliance water jug, for me or the radiator.


  • 1 spare under truck
  • 1 spare in bed, taken from the swap to studded tires
  • stock jack and tire iron
  • extra hydraulic jack
  • two 2x12x5's for jack support on uneven terrain
  • big bottle of slime and "truck" size mini air compressor
  • red emergency blanket/tarp, the heavy kind and a foam sleeping pad to stay dry while chaining up or changing tire


  • Full size shovel
  • real tire chains, set of 4
  • tow strap to anchor to a tree
  • large Danforth anchor for when I cannot get to a tree
  • heavy-duty come-along, bought from a Hanford Works surplus sale, not the el-cheapo stamped metal ones
  • Two truckers chains from Harbor Freight

Trees, that have a nasty habit of falling across the decreasingly maintained FS roads:

  • Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw/ bar oil/ premix/ spare chain
  • truckers' chains mentioned above
  • Full size axe w/ a decent wedge to it
  • Bahco bow saw, probably unnecessary
  • hand timber-saw as backup to chainsaw, a leftover from timberframing days
  • Timberjack/ peavey, again, from timberframing days, easy to move or buck logs for fuel

General idiocy prevention:

  • Two 20L NATO cans nearly full of gas and stabilizer
  • hide-a-key
  • a deep cycle battery mounted in the bed that runs the fan in my dog trailer, charged off the alternator, run through an isolator, will start the truck in case Mr. Idiot leaves his lights on.
  • sometimes in Spring, bicycle or scooter if the dogs are along, to get me back to civilization in case of total failure.


  • Finally got mycelf a cell phone, one like Evan's
  • Used to have a SPOT, I think it is a toy. Need to get a PLB.
  • 5W 2M/ 440MHz handheld transceiver mounted in cab. Homebuilt 3/4 wave antenna on hood, roll-up j-pole antenna, can be hung from tree, 3-element yage directional antenna I made out of arrow shaft and music wire (heh, directional enough to track radio collared animals w/ it), 35W brick amp with big SLA batt. in an ammo can, to give about 8 hrs high pwr emcomm. All could be schlepped up to the top of a nearby hill. I'd prefer a sat phone, but that is beyond my means, and now Scot has me wanting one of those Ruger rifles.

Interesting to hear from others as to "you're way off base here" or "you really ought have..."

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10/6/2012 11:26 AM

I keep a lot of the same stuff as huskyrunnr depending on what rig I am in and what I am doing but I always have a couple of old sleeping bags, an old coleman apex pack stove, a lantern/fuel and some mountain house meals and coffee and a fishing pole.  These are all stuffed into a waterproof plastic box.   It have never used them in an emergency, usually I just get a wild hair while on a trip and decide to stop and fish. 

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10/8/2012 10:38 AM

I don't carry as many of the repair items and fluids.  I may have gotten complacent, but I have been driving toyota trucks for years now and it has just never been an issue, and I am not really much of a mechanic to boot.

I do carry the following:




Tow straps


Assorted straps

Electrical tape and duct tape

Zip ties

tow chain

4-5 gallons of water

Serape prototype

come along

high lift jack

Spare tire and toyota supplied stuff to change it

On top of that I typically have a day pack if I am leaving town or overnight pack, snow shoes during winter, a mt bike during summer


Co-Owner Hill People Gear "If anything goes wrong it will be a fight to the end, if your training is good enough, survival is there; if not nature claims its foreit." - Dougal Haston
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10/13/2012 12:17 AM

I live in Colorado, so have to prepare for ALL weather types.

I have an ultralight running pack for mini-emergencies or if I have to haul ass to our predetermined meeting place and need to focus on speed rather than gear. I can cover about 25-30 miles running with this pack fully loaded with food, water, and basic necessities. I also keep a pair of running shoes in the truck.

If I have time to fast pack and need to bring as much with me (no hopes of returning to car or getting to a place with food/water in one day) then I have my BOB. It is heavy duty (fits my female frame but not extremely comfortable) Condor II B.O.B. from Maxpedition. In this I have several days of food, fuel, stove, xtra set of warm clothes, hat/gloves/face mask, hand warmers, emergency blanket, hand sanitizer, heavy duty emergency bivy bag, headlamp, xtra batteries, water purification tabs, filtration system and UV purifier, bandana for multiple purposes, rope, sewing kit, large hunting knife, basic toiletries, navigation items, PLB, etc. Also have firearm w/ xtra mags, complete med-kit, ax, glass breaker/seatbelt slicer, maps, tow rope, xtra food in glove box, large tank of water, jumper cables, headlamps, another knife, hammock complete with bug tent and rain fly, Kahtoola spikes. A lot of these items I can fit in my running pack.

In the winter I carry snow chains and add to my car a duffle bag consisting of: snow shoes, snow pants and xtra clothing, gloves, hat, winter face mask, ski mask and helmet (for warmth if not anything else), snow shovel x2 (one hard expandable, the other a hand scoop), heavy duty Gortex boots.

I just found my write up on my kit, so instead of re-typing here is the breakdown, warning...long:


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