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11/2/2017 11:49 AM

I just got a .300 blackout upper (16” barrel, pistol gas, 1/8 twist, free float) I have a Leupold 2x7 in an adm QD mount on it now. I’m wanting to use this for deer hunting (with coyotes in the mix as well) for deer it appears that the Barnes 110 Blacktip seems to be the best load for deer with expansion out to 350 yards or so. I know there’s a few in here that use the blackout what are your guys thoughts on this load or is there a better one? Got a good coyote load (110 max?) Also do you think 300 yards is pushing it for this caliber on deer? assuming I can place the bullet where it needs to go. 

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11/2/2017 12:03 PM
They guys I know personally who have taken game with them have used both the TSX and Hornady stuff, without a clear preference for either, but rather they go with what shoots best in their gun. The preference is for the 110gr loads due to a bit more velocity, but they have used the slight heavier stuff too (without looking I think 123gr).

As far as deer, you are going to need to narrow it down a bit. Are we talking 100lb whitetails or big old bruiser muleys? In general their recommendation is to keep it at 200yds and under, but that is for big mulies and elk. On a small white tail, provided I was confident of a hit I would be willing to go further personalty.

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11/2/2017 2:20 PM
I’m in eastern Washington so we have whitetail and Muleys but I’m a meat hunter mostly. I wasn’t sure about people using the 300 blackout on elk that’s good to know as I’m a timber hunter and like to shoot them within 200 yards with under 100 preferable.
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11/2/2017 2:30 PM
Like a lot of things, shot placement is king, but a good bullet design also helps. I don't know of anyone taking Elk with SBRs/Pistols, but do know of folks taking white tail and hogs with them. To be fair that is mostly at shorter ranges in the brush and timber. The Elk guys are using 1.45-16" rifles and making sure they are within 200yds. They view it basically as a brush gun like a 30/30. In a lot of ways that is really just all that it is, much like the 7.26x39. By modern standards they may be anemic short range hunting calibers, but back in the day when it was filled with that new fanguled smokeless powder the 30/30 was seen as a good long range caliber and lots of game has been taken with one in the US and Canada. Heck at times it was the issue for the RMCP for some of their guys. If you understand its range limitations (200 and under for bigger stuff) and stay with in them, and also make sure you can hit what you shoot at you should be fine.

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11/2/2017 2:34 PM
Works for me. Our deer season is over now so I’ll just be shooting the crap out of this gun until next years season.
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11/2/2017 7:02 PM

I used 300 BLK for whitetail last year. I don’t know that I am quite sold on this round as being a killing machine. Dead is dead but I just didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling. I have shot lots of whitetail with everything from .338 Win Mag to .223 Remington. I shoot quite a bit and not touting my own horn but am very accurate with my rifles. I do plan to use the round again this year with hopes to build confidence in the round. Last year I used Winchester 150gr Whitetail XP. This year I am using Hornady 110gr V-Max. Anyhow, here is a description of the ammo I used last year from the Winchester website and a report of the kill.


Product Symbol: X300BLKDS

Massive Knockdown Power
Precision Accuracy
Streamlined for High B.C.
Built Specifically for Deer Hunting
Suggested Use:
Big Game Thin Skin (Whitetail, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear)

Large Diameter Polymer Tip - Accelerates bullet expansion for rapid trauma upon impact
Ballistic Profile - Streamlined profile and polymer tip combine for improved downrange performance
Contoured Jacket - Tapered profile for rapid expansion and terminal penetration on deer.
Alloyed Lead Core - Optimized for energy transfer and impact power
Deer Specific Performance - Terminally optimized for massive knockdown power on whitetail, mule and blacktail deer
Cartridge: 300 BlackoutBullet Weight: 150Muzzle Velocity: 1900Ballistic Co-efficient: 0.392


I took a spike horn with it this morning. Whitetail was quartered slightly toward me. Entrance was right side just behind the front leg which was stretched forward to step. Exit was right at the diaphragm on the left side. No bullet recovered to examine. Deer ran about 125 yards with a light blood train. Double lung shot that clipped the liver also. When the heart was removed and rinsed well it showed signs of bruising. Not sure if that was blood starting to pool or if it was from the temporary wound channel.

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11/2/2017 7:32 PM
I really want to love the 300 BLK. I would love for it to be my “go to” round. I have seen mentioned on this forum before about elk being taken with it and have a hard time fathoming actually hunting elk with the 300 BLK, even at modest distance. Like I said earlier, I have shot 4 whitetail with .223 Remington, 3 were recovered. All were ~50 yard shots. Some people couldn’t fathom deer hunting with .223 but I am a believer. Ironically the worst round I have ever used for whitetail was .308 Win. I shot 3 deer with that gun and never recovered a single one. Each one of them haunts me to this day. I’m talking ~50 yard broadside shot. I shot .5” groups at 50 yards, 1” groups at 100 yards and 1 3/4” groups at 200 yards consistently with that gun. I was using Hornady 150gr SST’s. I killed a wild pig with that gun and a black bear with that gun. After 3 years in a row of deer “incidents” I sold that gun. I will continue to watch this thread to learn more about the 300 BLK’s capabilities through hearing first hand (or reliable second hand) stories. I am not one to poo poo something just because. We all learn from experience. Like I said, lots of people think I’m unethical for having used .223 but it worked pretty damn good for me. Shot placement is of utmost importance. Good placement with a small caliber is usually better than bad placement with a big caliber. With that being said, somewhere in the mix those graph lines cross. There is always that time where a bigger caliber would have made up for shooting ability. Likewise, the most trained marksman can fall short because the ballistics of his round wasn’t enough.
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11/3/2017 8:34 AM

Bullhead78, as several have already mentioned from a ballistics standpoint, the 300BLK is almost identical to the 30/30 or 7.62x39...with better bullet selection. All three are very efficient cartridges and the latter two have killed a metric megaton of game and people. I would not willingly go afield trying to keep my freezer full with any of them as I think there are MUCH better hunting rifle chamberings. However the historical record indicates that about anything will work...if you will.

If the 308W did not work for you then the 300BLK is sure not going to either. I am curious about your bullet choice for the 308W and the context of the unrecoverable game. I wasn't there and I'm sure not armchair quarter backing you. But I would guess that the cartridge choice probably had little to do with the train wreck. Loss of zero, improper bullet selection, or a mess of other things were probably part of the equation.

It is sure easy to get down the rabbit hole of chamberings and cartridge selection. I would be a lot more interested to hear about the game density in your area, hunting season lengths, terrain, your field shooting practice regiment, practice budget, bullet and optic selection before you paint yourself into a corner buying another gun.

I find the 300BLK as a hunting cartridge a lot like the ultralight/fastpacking packs and running shoes for backcountry travel debate. You can sure run a 1.5lb fastpack made out of Charmin toilet paper and cross country face flats for backpacking...and you will probably get away with it for quite awhile...but sooner or later it is going to cost you. How lucky do you feel?  You also really limit your capabilites and options when things get ugly. 

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11/3/2017 8:45 AM
Grouse870, the 110Vmax works well on coyotes if you are not skinning them. If you are keeping the hides then you are going to need a lot of dental floss for sewing.

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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11/3/2017 12:26 PM
Strow, I’m not blaming the .308 Win at all. There is no doubt in my mind it is a VERY capable round. That is why I said it was ironic and will haunt me forever. Terrain was in a very thick swamp. If you don’t have blood you probably ain’t finding it type deal. Scope was immediately checked with the same magazine of ammo and had not lost zero. No buck fever was involved as they were all average deer and it was far from my first rodeo. Ammo was 150gr Hornady SST. I can’t tell you the exact reason I settled on that round but it worked beautifully on the pig and bear. Rabbit holes are easy to get into. That’s what we seem to do now days. LoL
I would love to talk all the other details about my hunting area but dont think this thread is the place.
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11/3/2017 12:45 PM
I haven't fully wrapped my head around the 300blk as a bigger game hunting rifle. That seems silly to me given that it is essential a 30/30 like we have said, but I still use a 308 for hunting, and think of the 30/30, 7.62x39, 300blk as a GP knocking around rifle. The main reason I have a 300blk is because of an AR pistol. If I didn't have that I am not sure that I would have one. I am intrigued with one for suppressed GP use, but until I get my can it doesn't really matter.

That being said one of the guys I know who used it was a hunting guide and the 300blk was his go to for two seasons, or maybe more, and still is a favorite.

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11/3/2017 1:30 PM
If I wasn’t an AR nut I don’t think I’d own a 300 either. I definitely have way more potent rifles in the safe. It’s a weird relationship. LoL
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11/4/2017 9:18 PM
I bought an AR pistol in 300 bk off a guy I work with because it was a smoking deal. He built it up and put 50 rounds through it, then put it up for sale. I was skeptical of the round at first, but having shot it a fair amount and studying a bit, I thing it might just replace the 223/556 in the future. I put the LAW Tactical folding adapter on it which really makes whole system shine. It carries in my Aston house like a dream and, due to my current assignment, my department let me qual on it so I can carry it in and out of my current office without raising an eye. Having said that, I think as a hunting round it is adequate, but not ideal. I would say for deer out to 150-200, put it in the boiler room and you are good. I know it will kill and elk, but I would not deliberately hunt elk with a 300. On the flip side, I would not hesitate to hunt elk with my 30-30.
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11/5/2017 4:59 AM
Out of curiousity, why is a 30/30 good to go, but the 300 isn't

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11/5/2017 1:50 PM

I have a 16" Noveske with a Redfield 2-7 on it that I plan on hunting eastern whitetails with out to 200 this year. Last year I had good luck with an 8" sbr, below are my thoughts as posted on pistol-forum last January.

I had a chance to take two deer this year with the .300 BO.
Rifle specs:
Stag sbr lower - BCM lower parts with ALG QMS trigger. No reason for the parts other than known quality, this is the only lower I've put together.
Aero 8" upper - All Aero upper and bolt, BCM charging handle, AAC 51T Flash Hider
Optic - DNZ one piece mount and Weaver V-3 (thanks to Lost River mentioning in another thread)
Ammunition - Barnes 110 Tac TX
Suppressor - AAC SDN 762

Deer # 1 - Small (70lb) doe. Running shot broadside at about 45 yards in a field. 1 bullet to deer dropped it. Pass through but good damage during pass through and upon exit. This was unsuppressed and a buddy who was within 75 yards said it sounded like a shotgun or pistol. Scope set on 3x.

Deer # 2 - Large Medium antlerless buck (120lb). Facing shot at 65 yards in a brushy cutover. Bullet entered chest on the left side, knicked right side of heart, wrecked right lung, knicked liver and lodged 4" into the right hindquarter. Viewing the entry of the chest from the inside of the deer was impressive, looked like one of my broadheads had made it. ETA - Recovered bullet weight 100.3 grains. Measurement across two petal side .639", one petal side .448"
I haven't weighed or measured bullet, it only lost one of 4 petals. This was with the SDN 762 on the gun. Closest friend was 350 yards or so away and did not hear the shot. Scope set on 3x.

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11/5/2017 3:25 PM
I just prefer a heavier bullet for bigger animals, and the 30-30 has an easier time pushing them.
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11/5/2017 6:27 PM

It seems the .300 blackout is a love or hate kind of thing. While looking at ballistic tables a few things occurred to me, there’s not a lot of ballistic info comparing a 16” .30-30 to a 16” .300 blackout, most of the ballistic tables show a .30-30 with a 20”-24” barrel even with a 20”-24” barrel the blackout is close which brought up another thing .357 mag carbine. Now generally the .357 carbine is regarded as close to a .30-30 carbine and good to 125-150 on deer. The blackout is generally 200-300 FPS faster with like weight bullets (up to a point where subsonic start taking over in the 180+ for blackout) now arguably the blackout has better bullets and ballistic (granted the .357 is bigger) so i believe on paper the .300 should be good to 200 yards and possibly 300 although I think 200 is a good spot. Just something’s I’ve been thinking about. Years ago I looked for a “do all GP carbine” I settled on a .357 carbine which I supsequently sold as it wasn’t for me. I think this .300 blackout might be my GP hunting carbine. 

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1/28/2018 5:57 AM

Great discussion guys.  I hunt southeast white tails where anything bigger than 125 pounds is considered pretty     Good sized, but not terribly uncommon - and distances tend to be close - inside 200 yards, and frequently inside 50.

The last several years I have hunted exclusively with a .308 and it works in exactly the manner you would think.  Built up a 16” 300BO last year with the specific intent of hunting with it, which I have done.  Using the Barnes 120 grain black tip round which is a frickin’ laser in this gun. Fairly crappy 1.5 - 4.5 Swift scope on it.

I like that Barnes and others have optimized some bullets for the BO, and I like the ballistic CE that goes with that. As was said, the 300BO makes a nifty brush rifle.

Shot a 125 pound doe at a distance of about 40 yards earlier this year.  Clipped her left front shoulder, bullet exited   Mid-chest.  Watched her run full-out for 60 yards, but then fell like a sack of door knobs - done.  She was dead before she started running, but somebody forgot to tell her.

Currently I’m hunting a little patch of woods where I am consistently seeing deer inside 200 yards - but it is brushy.  Waiting for the right shot. I know it’s a little goofy, but I like that the report of the 300 is somewhat subdued in the woods.  I even put one of those cheap KAK flaming pig knock-offs on the front to further take the edge off the report.  When I shot the doe, there were other hunters in the area who did not hear me shoot which surprised me.  Pretty sure they would have heard the .308  loud and clear.

Sometimes I think about grabbing the .308, but for what I am doing, the 300 is just fine (will be getting some better glass for next season). I try to keep in mind that all of the animals we are talking about can be killed with an arrow - so we are back to shot placement (and passing on dicey, low percentage shots).  If taking a deer was a life or death matter for me, I would grab the .308, but I am *hunting* and am willing to work toward getting things to line up enough to take a good shot - and if they don’t, well, there is always next season.

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