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3/7/2017 11:11 AM
I snapped some pictures while repacking my gear.  

When a call goes out we get gather at the SAR barn, get the description of the situation, then I start dumping the gear that I know I will not need. The SAR trucks have a bunch of supplies in them as well, but this is all the gear that I am ready to carry into the back country as necessary (most of our searching is done from a vehicle)

Being part of the mountain team I have more gear than most. The climbing gear obviously but also the supplies necessary to mark/clear an LZ, stay a night (or more), make a litter, take care of a lost person for a night. 

Here are the bags fully packed. Left to right. HPG UTE, Snowshoe bag, Swiftwater bag (an old humvee jack bag)

Swiftwater kit: Force 6 rescue PFD, helmet, throw bag, 9mm wet suit, NRS boots, wool socks, underclothing, duffel bag

Total layout pic

In my hip belt pouch: Cotton bandanna, cera spot, bug repellent wipes, whistle, bullion cubes (suck on for additional electrolytes) and hotshot drink for cramp prevention (these work very well)

Note: AA and AAA to replace batteries on my headlamp and GPS. I have more in my main pack. All my devices run off of AA or AAA batteries. 

Climbing gear: Helmet, gloves, 3x carabiners, CMC rescue harness, 2x ATCs, 2x mini prusik minding pulleys, 2x prusik ropes

Inside pals pocket: GPS, Flagging, primary and backup headlamps, cordage, SPOT, compass, batteries

CMC rope guide, notebook, loksak neck bag. The loksak is great to put you phone in. If I carry my phone in my pocket while hiking it get extremely wet from sweat

Cover: BCUSA MEST blaze orange, 2x contractor trash bag, SOL bivvy, reflective blanket, mini towel

Water kit:

Fire Kit: tea light candle, 3x trioxane tablets, fatwood, matches, lighter, ferro rod, live fire, uberfire

Med kit:

Clothing: Wool beenie, wool buff, wool gloves, lightweight waterproof mitten shells, synthetic shirt, medium weight insulation shirt, rain coat.

Food, water, TP

Winter Stove: MSR XGK. Summer Stove: Jetboil TI

Not shown: Bullion cubes and jello to heat up and give to search subject, or for self.

Tools: Fiskars X7, Bahco Laplander, TOPS lite trekker, bear spray.

My backup everything kit, all in a ESEE aluminum tin that can be used as a cook pot as well: Mirror, 2x mini compasses, whistle, pencil, pen light, paper, whirlpak bags and water purification tablets, wetfire tabs, German Schokakola.

Thats all for now. 


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3/7/2017 7:59 PM
Thanks Crewhead05. Thank you for taking the time to share your SAR load out with us, and I like your kit. I use the UTE for my SAR pack as well and it works well. I'm going to get me a snowshoe cover and try it, I've never had one. You have a very well thought out Kit. (SAR kit seems to change all the time).
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3/8/2017 7:39 AM

Nice load-out!  Very well thought out and purpose built.

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3/8/2017 6:50 PM
Thanks for sharing. Love seeing how you set yours up.
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4/13/2017 9:53 AM
Crew head, nice set up. I'm on a volunteer SAR team, question, who make your first aid pouch. Our team is sourcing some new gear. That might fit the ticket. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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4/23/2017 8:17 PM
Hey Raven. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message. The first aid pouch came from here I believe http://www.theemsstore.com/store/product.aspx/productId/1306/EMI-Rescue-Fanny-Pack/?gclid=CPaKsbDzqrcCFeNj7AodWQcAsA
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4/24/2017 7:53 PM

Hey Crewhead, no worries. Thanks much, appreciate you sharing the link. Stay safe out there.

Best Regards


Old Minds are like Horses, they need to be exercised! Stay Sharp!
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