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4/29/2014 11:12 PM

Have some reloading equipment that needs to go, as what little I do is done on an ancient single stage RCBS. I am interested in lots of things. I have a new to me HPG Ute I bought from another user here and am loving it, but would like some smaller pieces of gear to complement it. An Umlindi, Tara, kit bag, etc would be nice. Also in need of a new hammock and tarp, as my current setup is a cheap one. A full kit would be nice. General purpose outdoor gear is good too, I can find a use for most things at least as a backup. The only thing I can't see any use for is extreme cold weather gear; I live in a subtropical climate and take trips to temperate zones but not in the winter.

I can split some of this up as needed, so please do feel free to ask, just bear in mind that shipping for certain combinations of items may not be practical (e.g. bullets may need to go separately by flat rate).

Fair amount on stuff:
Lee Classic Turret Press
Lee 223 die set mounted on turrent
Lee 9mm die set mounted on turret
Extra turret with Lee 38 dies

Turret box
Lee decapping die
Primer pocket tool
Case length gauges and shellholders, a case trimming tool
Lyman 600 tumbler with fresh walnut media
RCBS media separator
2 reloading trays
Frankford digital scale
Frankford kinetic bullet puller

Digital calipers with spare batteries
couple things of case lube
New 9mm brass around 1k
9mm bullets around 1k
I also have a couple half full zipbags of once fired brass in 223, 9mm, and some 40 and 45
Iossic case brightener kit
Maybe some other stuff rattling around I can't find.
270 win cases, don't know if you need those. I don't shoot enough to make it worthwhile, but I saved the brass anyway.

Some quick and dirty pics are here. I can take mro eas needed, so ask away, but everything's in good shape. imgur.com/a/s66Uc

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5/19/2014 10:28 AM

 Brass and bullets are gone.

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5/19/2014 12:09 PM
Sent you a PM on the New 9mm brass. Thanks,Murph
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5/23/2014 10:52 AM

 It's already gone. Sorry.

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