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9/1/2012 11:59 AM


I have for sale my CMMG MK3 308 Carbine in Magpul OD with a stainless barrel. I am the original owner of this rifle and have found it to be very accurate.  If you are capable of doing it the rifle will hold 1 MOA.  It has around 565 rds throught it, and by my scale empty without sigths it weights 7.5lbs which makes it the lightest production 308 AR style rifle currently available.  Here are the manufactures specs:

Caliber:.308 WIN Chambered
Barrel: 16" Barrel, 416 Stainless Steel, 1:10" Twist, 5/8-24 Threaded
Hand Guard:10" Mod0 Free Float Tube, (3) 4 slot rail
Sights/Gas Block:Low Profile Gas Block
Stock: Magpul MOE Stock & Grip
Trigger: 2 Stage Trigger
Magazine: 20rd 308 PMAG

Mine comes with 4 PMAGS, three spare rail sections which are colored to match the rest of the gun, and a heavy buffer from Slash Buffers (40 rds on  it by me).  Unfortunately, I lost the manual during the move and decided to not move the cardboard box it came in.  I will ship it in a hard case.

I am asking 1300, and the buyer pays shipping via the carrier of their choice. I am open to a face to face for Colorado residents, but I will need a valid CO DL, and would prefer a CCW card as well.  Otherwise I will ship it to your FFL.  Before you purchase make sure your FFL will accept a shipment from an individual. 

I will also consider a trade for a M1a Scout/Squard.

More pictures available on request.

Let me know if you have any quesitons and thank you for looking.


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