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Raven Vanguard - Springfield XD
Price   $20.00


* note: picture is of an M&P Vanguard. this product is for a Springfield XD *

Originally envisioned by Shay VanVlymen of Mindset Laboratory, the Vanguard is a simple, effective concealment tool. It covers only the trigger guard of the weapon, providing a safe way to store or carry a loaded pistol in situations where a traditional holster is not practical. It comes with a length of paracord that acts as a static line to deploy the weapon. Just tie it off to a solid anchor point, and a sharp tug will cause the Vanguard to pop free and leave your weapon ready to fire. The Vanguard can also be stripped from the weapon by catching the point on something and pulling up.

This product is ideal for tying into the dummy cord loop in the pistol compartment of Kit Bags and Runner's Kit Bags.

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