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HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsHPGHPGHey HPG, I've got this gear idea...Hey HPG, I've got this gear idea...
New Post
9/9/2016 3:00 AM
+1 on the "what GI Joe was it?"

From an engineer's perspective, most people don't think about manufacturing cost as well. Given enough time, money and resources, sure, you could make a pack that expands to 10,000 CI, and snugs down to 1000 CI for day hunts/hikes, weighs 3 lbs, and can carry 200 lbs plus, however, do you want it to cost $5000?

Sometimes, the most simple things at first glance, take the most thought. For example. People would say the Volkswagon Beetle was a simple car. However, it took a lot of engineering and thought to figure how how big you could make that engine and still have it be air cooled, down sizing the carburator so people couldn't tax the engine. etc.

Simple designs that accomplish a task, often are the most elegant in terms of design and engineering.
New Post
9/10/2016 12:07 AM
So I guess that HPG solar powered wind turbine I have been daydreaming about is out the window. Isn't there a saying about how amateurs talk tactics, and professionals talk logistics? You guys have the best line going. Keep doing what you have been.
New Post
5/18/2017 12:13 AM
Hi to everybody! Newby to this site. HPG, I must agree to the opening post and funny that I should start my communication with this thread.Appreciate your integrity. Astounded by the solutions to problems you have produced. For the most part of 40 years I've tweaked and remodeled products to suit my needs and have arrived at similar results. I have yet to find a company that produces such excellent work. I was looking for a new backpack when I found this site, so yes I do have ideas.

To express my thoughts in a nut-shell,
I am a student of the clam-shell,
cannot come to grips with the sack,
as I follow another track,
so I wonder if you've a mind,
to help me out of my bind,
maybe to add a zipper or two,
in the shape of a U,
no need of a prize,
at least customize.
New Post
9/19/2017 8:02 PM

I'm certainly no poet like my man Daniel Adam up above me, but...

I would like to see some form of padded pouch to hold Vortex binoculars on my Recon Belt. The GP pouch just barely fits them, with no room for anything else, and it's not protected at that (granted, it was designed for this in the first place).

New Post
9/30/2018 4:19 AM
Two items.
1) a pals cut panel for a chest harness. Something just to run the bino pouch off of.
2) a snubby kit bag with a pals panel on the front, basically a heavy recon in the width of the snubby for a smaller chested person.
New Post
2/17/2019 4:49 AM
Would love to see a larger more versatile canteen pouch, no manufacturers make a good canteen pouch that i know of except maybe centre line systems. I love the design bend the HPG canteen pouch but the fact it does not fit a canteen cup and a larger canteen such as the Heavy Cover is a no deal for me.
New Post
2/26/2019 1:49 AM
HSGI just released a large canteen pouch.
DiggerDingo wrote:
Would love to see a larger more versatile canteen pouch, no manufacturers make a good canteen pouch that i know of except maybe centre line systems. I love the design bend the HPG canteen pouch but the fact it does not fit a canteen cup and a larger canteen such as the Heavy Cover is a no deal for me.


New Post
3/9/2019 3:31 AM
That’s a nice looking canteen pouch, pity they don’t do foliage.
New Post
5/3/2019 2:10 PM

What are the chances of seeing a manatee Recon Harness?  

New Post
4/26/2020 5:29 PM


I have the snubby kit bag and use it for jogging. It's fantastic. One thing I would really be interested in is a more streamlined/low profile belt pack. So basically taking the snubby kit bag and turning it into a belt pack. The standard belt pack has an extra compartment and tends to jut out and attract attention. For people that only want to carry a handgun and identification this would be perfect. I hope you will take this under consideration. Thank you.

New Post
8/26/2020 11:11 PM
I like to carry bulky items like a full size tripod, midsize spotting scope, rifle (when stowed), or extra oversize water bottle in a way that I don't have to access the main bag to get to them, and where they aren't inside disturbing the main bag stowage. The best solution I have found to this are a combination of the sides pockets and compression straps of a pack, often in long/tall pockets like on the sides of the Decker Pocket. Unfortunately, the 40L volume of the Decker is a little small for my preference. I would find much more utility with a 60L main bag/pocket, but the side pockets on the Ute are shorter and don't secure items as well as I like. If there is an existing solution to this, I would love to know how people are doing it. If not, something like a 60L Decker+ Pocket for use with the Decker Pack Frame would be awesome.
New Post
8/27/2020 5:09 AM
^ Have you checked out the HPG Pack Bucket?
New Post
8/27/2020 6:30 AM

^ jbrinkman-- One combination you might try out is the qui-Ya/Connor.  I don't know if you've tried running a HPG pocket on a HPG host pack, but between the tabs matching up perfectly and the "pulley" design of the compression straps, you do get the proverbial "sewn on" connection.  I use that combo for hauling my large format camera: 5x7 monorail in the big pack; optics, tripod head, film holders etc. in the Connor.  A big 4-series Induro tripod gets strapped to the side.  (BTW, the pack bucket is a useful piece of kit as well--I use mine mostly in conjunction with a Kifaru Marauder to carry a tripod, but it's easy to find a use for if what you're hauling doesn't give you center-of-gravity issues.)

New Post
8/28/2020 9:08 PM

Great suggestions on the pocket/pack combo (or maybe a large pocket and small pocket combo?).  I have seen the pack bucket on the website as well, and while it extends things further back, that certainly warrants consideration too. 

New Post
9/14/2020 8:57 AM

just a few tweeks to the bino pouch:
1) forward opening so that you can leave it open and the lid is out of the way with something like shock cord that goes over the top of the glass when closed.
2) fully line the entire inside of the pouch, imo it's just simply a little to loud for archery hunting.

New Post
11/28/2020 11:33 AM

I like to carry when I'm riding my bicycle, but I have yet to find something that would work well as a chest harness...until now.  Any chance you'd consider making your recon harness in a bright yellow/hi vis fabric?  Just a thought.  No compensation sought.

New Post
2/12/2021 6:03 PM

Embarassingly enough, I came across this thread after sending you guys an idea of mine. After reading through it I totally respect your perspective and transparency here.

That being said - I still think you should make a small game bag that attaches to a belt system via the lumbar attachment. Toss in some PALS webbing on the side for fun and we got something good.

Keep up the good work guys, I really appreciate it.

New Post
3/3/2021 1:07 PM
I would argue there is a 4th motivation you haven't considered that kind of merges with the last 3: the desire to be apart of and contribute to a great community. Let me first start of by setting this into the context of that I am a sheepdog Hufflepuff through and through and love to help people and contribute to communities. I have several companies that I really truly want to succeed and be a part of: my haircutter The Barberette, Rogue Fitness, multiple breweries (Platform, Terrestrial, 4 Hands, AZ wilderness), First Spear, etc. You all are among them because there is truly something cool going on with your company. I am an emergency physician so my circadian rhythm sometimes gets utterly confused and I'll be laying in bed with my brain unable to shut off and I'll be coming up with product ideas. Well here is the list of ideas/problems I am working to fix, but am putting it here in case you feel like working on them, come up with an even better solution, or they inspire something further. I'll try to frame them in the context of "problems" since that might be your preference.

- Problem: your tool roll is the first time I've seen that format used outside the construction or medical field and it is brilliant, but there are some limitations to the layout because it lacks modularity (the layout is set).
- Solution?: make it a roll of the Velcro 6/12 with a name tap loop strip on the outside so others can set it up how they want and then label it (almost like a floppy version of the pack inserts). I am currently working on a work-around with this by just getting a loop sheet, sealing it Velcro one-wrap ties, and making sure the ties are close enough I could put a name tape connecting the 2 to label the roll.

- Problem: the pockets/packs are super modular, but they are not set up to able to transition into a medical bag role as best they could be. Most of the most modular ones (Connor or PALSpocket) have the Velcro/PALS 6/12 grid on one side and one large mesh pocket on the other which limits the usability on the mesh pocket side for medical applications which need more division/organization than normal to allow for immediate access to the exact tool you need instead of a large pocket filled with various tools.
- Solution?: Put Velcro/PALS 6/12 grid on both sides and make Velcro mesh pockets of various sizes OR put a loop at the top of that side to allow users to affix a pack insert to that side.

- Problem: if users of the kit bags are using a non-stainless firearm (blued etc.), their sweat can cause their firearm to rust. If users of kit bags love a layout of a non-heavy recon kit bag with only the Velcro strip (such as the SAR), it can be difficult to run a full pocket Velcro pouch such as an AR triple mag if not using a sidearm.
- Solution: put snaps in the 4 corners of the kit bag so users can either snap in a Velcro/PALS 6/12 grid or a hypalon sheet to protect their firearm.

Thank you for letting me brain dump so I can move on to other stuff.
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsHPGHPGHey HPG, I've got this gear idea...Hey HPG, I've got this gear idea...