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HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsHPGHPGHeavy Recon vs. ReconHeavy Recon vs. Recon
New Post
10/20/2019 6:40 PM

Hi everybody,

I've been looking at purchasing my first kit bag for awhile and I am torn between the heavy recon and recon. I would mostly use it for running, but would occasionally use it in my LEO duties on call outs, range days etc. I am wondering if I get the recon will I be wanting more space, or will the heavy recon be to much? Just looking for some opinions and if anyone has something already setup.



New Post
10/21/2019 12:27 PM
One major difference in pistol pouch area is 1 strip of Velcro in the Recon. Full Panel of Velcro-Heavy Recon. Main difference is space beyond the pistol compartment. If you have extra pouches and plan on hanging them off the front you can probably get away with the recon. If you want items enclosed and EASILY accessible-Go with the Heavy Recon. Essentially the HR is .5" wide and long and 1" deeper. I can tell you with the extras I put in-GPS, Compass, Flashlight and Extras. It would be a tight squeeze in the recon. I can run with this but not usually more than 5 miles. I would take quite a few things out because of bouncing weight. I can send you pics offline of a heavy recon and what I have in it and setups. I don't have a recon though....
Just running-recon
LEO duties/Range Days-Heavy Recon
Hiking-Heavy Recon
New Post
10/21/2019 12:52 PM

Here is a video I did with the heavy recon:



New Post
10/21/2019 1:08 PM
The Heavy has a middle pocket that is 1/2" deep and no front zipper pocket. That is essentially the difference. That means that they are the same footprint, but that the Heavy is 1/2" deeper. I am not a runner so I can't really comment on that, but capacity wise you are going to be limited to small and thin stuff. I will say that for using it as a "chest rig" on the range I tend to prefer the Recon as it keeps the weight of mags closer to my core. That being said I have use the Heavy for that application quite a bit with no issues. I generally recommend folks start with the kit bag with more capacity first so they can experiment with what they actually want to carry. The exception is for running and then I just let runners answer, some folks swear the HEavy/Original suck for running and others that it works fine.

Co-Owner Hill People Gear "If anything goes wrong it will be a fight to the end, if your training is good enough, survival is there; if not nature claims its foreit." - Dougal Haston
New Post
10/22/2019 1:22 PM
Mostly for running?...get the Recon (if it is between Heavy Recon and Recon).

I like as close to body as possible for running.

I originally had Recon for running and hunting, then sold it and bought Snubby for running and Heavy Recon for hunting.
New Post
4/25/2020 4:18 AM

Greetings!  Just curious which one you ended up going with as I am in the same search as you.  I have it narrowed down to these two rigs and will primarily be using it for running; with the occasional hiking/camping/range usage.  Any updates on likes/dislikes would be greatly appreciated!


New Post
4/25/2020 8:58 AM

Any Kit Bag would drive me nuts to run with.  Its GONNA BOUNCE.  The old Bianchi Top Secret waistpack is the best thing I ever found for running.  The belt is centered up (where it attaches on the sides of the pack).  This means you can cinch it down tight and it won't bounce.  It also means it pretty much sucks for EDC, as it will nearly rupture your diaphragm if you try to pick up something out of the floorboard of your truck while wearing it.  Notice the Hill's waistpack attatched the strap up higher on the sides, where it should be. 

New Post
4/25/2020 9:21 AM

Torchia.andrew, Ltwm0623,

Do you have an idea of what your load out would be for each of your use case (i.e. missions)? Do you have already have MOLLE gear/pouches that you know that you'll need to (or want to) carry on your chest? Once you get those questions nailed down, you can then proceed to estimate the required kit bag size along with internal and external organizational requirements.

I currently have the Runner's Kit Bag and the Original Kit Bag. I originally purchased the Runner's Kit Bag for its intended purposes. It works well for that. I've actually used it to carry one of my Government 1911's on a run. I haven't experienced any bouncing. I then started using it for day hikes along with my backpack. I found that when hiking, I like to carry my digital camera, energy bars, navigation equipment, swiss army knife, and pen light in the kit bag. Trying to fit all of that stuff in a Runner's Kit bag is difficult. I looked into the Heavy Recon. The external PALS cut panel is attractive and tickles that part of me that likes to tinker and customize stuff. However, for me as a civilian hiker, I find that external MOLLE pouches add a lot of unnecessary weight and expense to my pack system. External pouches also increase my "drag" when trying to make my way through thick underbrush. So, I tend to favor more internal volume with internal hook and loop fields for adding the organization that I need. This lead me to the Original Kit Bag, which has worked out very well for me.

Now, my needs and preferences are likely different than yours. I'm neither military nor law enforcement. Do what works for you. I'm just putting my experience out there to help stimulate your own thinking process. Good luck!

New Post
4/25/2020 10:42 AM

Thanks - I'll check it out!

New Post
4/25/2020 10:55 AM

For running I'll likely just be wanting to carry my CCW (G43), phone, wallet, keys, and maybe a gel pack or snack bar.

For hiking/camping, I would probably add a multi tool, pen light, extra mag, small "boo boo kit".  The Molle would really on be used for hanging a knife or light from; but you make a valid point about having too much drag.

Based on these things, and the fact that I want a pack that covers a multitude of missions, I think the recon is better suited for me, between these two.  That's not to say that I won't be back later for the Heavy Recon or Original at a later date! ;) 

Thanks gentlemen.



HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsHPGHPGHeavy Recon vs. ReconHeavy Recon vs. Recon