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9/11/2016 4:09 PM

I picked up a core alcohol stove last week. Ive never been a big fan of alcohol stoves but this thing is pretty slick. Did some initial testing in my shop.

It came with a velco pouch and is a very small package. 

 To adjust the burn intensity you have to set the width of the vents on the side. The wider the opening the hotter the burn. I set mine at wide open for testing.

For reference the core will fit into the folding firebox nano as a make shift windscreen.


Core: 2.2 oz with case, 1.6 without

 Folding firebox nano:  5.0 oz


Test consisted of 12 oz of water with 1 oz of denatured alcohol.

Core: Rolling boil at 4:50. Complete flame out at 7:45

Little Guy is glowing

The second test on the core was to max it out. I added 1.5 oz of alcohol (I tried adding 2 oz but it spilled out the vents. 1.5 is the max I think). I then added a large pot with 30 oz of water.

So at 10:45 I had a rolling boil on 30 oz. and at 11:10 it burned out! Couldn't cut it much closer.

What to do while watching a pot boil.

Over all its a fantastic little stove. If I weren't in a controlled environment (no wind) I wouldn't have been able to boil all 30 oz I'm sure. 

One of the bonuses of the cross stand in the middle is that it will shelter 2-3 sections from wind allowing the other side to burn. I need to test that theory out.

Comparative weights: 

 Core: 2.2 oz with case, 1.6 without

Esbit alcohol stove: 3.4 oz

Pathfinder model steel alcohol stove: 7.6 oz with windscreen

Folding firebox nano wood stove:  5.0 oz

Solo stove wood stove. :  8.6 oz

If you are at all interested in alcohol stoves this model may be worth checking out. Ive been pretty impress thus far. 


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9/23/2016 3:35 PM
Very slick looking design.

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