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2/23/2019 3:19 PM

What are your prefered AR mags? D&H (BCM), Brownells, PMag, others?  Who has the best QC and who is to be avoided?

You can never have to many magazines but what is a good ratio to have set aside per rifle/pistol?  Realizeing they are a disposable item.

Over the years I have had the best luch with just standard USGI 30 and 20rd mags and many of them without the newer magpul followers.


Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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2/23/2019 3:31 PM
About 50 mags per rifle. For real.

GI mags with Magpul follower are solid. Magouls have been solid for me. So I stick with that stuff. Works good, lasts long time.
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2/23/2019 3:56 PM
Magpul Pmags are the beginning and end for me. I have about 30 PMag 30 rounders in a ready state, plus another 40 D&H 30 rounders with Magpul followers and Ranger plates in long term storage. I also have a reasonable number of NIW PMag 30 M3.

Each rifle also has 3- 20 round Pmag M2 and 3 Brownells 20 round mags associated with it, as well as a D60 drum.

If I was starting out fresh it would all be non window Pmags in 20 and 30 rd size, plus the D60 drums.

I am not a fan of the various aluminum ones just because the quality and fit seems to vary so much, even with USGI makers.

The Magpuls are consistently right, regardless of generation. They handle both cold and heat very well, and have no sharp edges to tear expensive rain gear.

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2/23/2019 4:00 PM

El Mac, would you recommend the same for hicap handguns?

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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2/23/2019 4:01 PM
At a minimum, an AR should have ten 30 rd magazines, and a pistol should have at least five magazines. Every AR should have an additional 2-20 rd mags.

I like to have an equal number of magazines sitting around NIW to replace any that wear out.
I also keep repair kits for pistol magazines on a one to one basis- base, spring, follower.
With the AR mags, a new magazine is the repair kit, especially when Pmags are only $8 a pop.
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2/23/2019 4:03 PM
If we are talking 1911, multiple everything I said by 5x.

For Glock, M&P, Sig, etc, the 5+5+repair kits holds pretty well.
As a Sheriff armorer, I replace the guts about every five years. The bodies seem to hold up well. The early gen folllowers in the M&P would break legs off after a few years.
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2/23/2019 4:08 PM

Longeye, can you catch me up on the nomenclature for the PMags?

I have a pile of the earlier (not sure generation) 20 and 30rd PMags. They always seemed more sensitive to sand and grit than the USGI and 30rd mags. I may give them another look.

Is one color stronger or more durable than another? I had heard that the black Magpuls were stronger than non-black but that was a long time ago. 

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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2/24/2019 7:14 PM
Black is somewhat stronger
than dyed polymer, but it makes no practical difference.
My duty and field mags are all sand colored, my practice mags are all black. Mostly, this is so I can tell at a glace whether I have FMJ or Gold Dot inside.

Gen 1- No markings
Gen 2- Marked M2, feature a slight offset at the bottom front of the area just below the mag well.
Gen 3- Marked M3, as above plus an "over instertion tab" at the rear of the magazine. I belive these are supposed to be cross compatible with the USMC M27 if that matters to you.

All generations are available in both 20 and 30 round capacity. M3 are availabe in 40 round as well. Each successive generation featured improvements in feed lip geometry and polymer materials. No generation has what can be considered fatal flaws- My agency issues all genrations, and I personally have and use all generations. Gen 1 is discontinued by Magpul but M2 and M3 are both still in production.

Each generation features a different shape of base plateand follower- I suggest sticking with one generation for commonality.

The latest thing is the D-60 which is a 60 round drum for 5.56/.223 AR15 FOW. Its' big brother, the D-50 for 7.62/.308 AR10 FOW is also available.

Magpul also sells a polymer 5/6 round AICS magazine for bolt rifle under the name PMAG 5 7.62 AC. There is a 10 rd version, as well as models for .30-06 and 300 WM lengths which are 5 round versions.

If you run the AR10/SR25, Magpul offers a variety of 10,20, and 25 round magazines in both standard and M118 length. These are PMAG 10/20/25 LR/SR or PMAG 25 M118 LR/SR.

Magpul also makes an assortment of magazines for the AK, Glock, AUG, and CZ Scorpion.

The full line can be found here.

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2/26/2019 1:15 PM
Longeye, thank you for the clarification!

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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3/2/2019 3:05 PM

Magpul AR mags are fine BUT, if you are untrained in AR weapons handling and execute a deliberate load via the insert and "Whack the FUGG" outta the mag method as most do, this will induce a "double feed" (really isn't a double feed).

When you whack the bottom of the mag, the uppermost round will pop out on top of the mag, hit the bolt release and both round try to enter the chamber.  This isn't Magpuls' fault, it just seems to happen more often with there mags.

You can test this yourself by just whacking the bottom of the loaded mags to compare.  If you can't insert an AR mag firmly and get it to lock in place without whacking the mag, then;

1) Your are in desparate need of a barbell program

2) You need to spin/adjust your mag catch

3) Your mags are out of spec

I've seen a lot of Magpul mags used by USMC students that had feed lips that were obviously spread and really worn.  I suspect, but cannot prove, this was caused by mag dumps and the resulting heat.  Again, this ain't magpul's fault, as you can't fix stupid

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3/6/2019 1:53 PM
That is a function of worn out mags, not a particular manufacturer. Back in the good old days, that was a common failure with the USGI mags that had exceeded their service life by years if not decades. Magazines are expendable, and should be smashed when they are worn out. Magpul makes feedlip GO/NOGO gauge for this very reason.

There is a difference between a bolt forward and and bolt open reload.

The bolt forward reload requires more force to seat the magazine far enough to engage the magazine catch. It is impossible for a round to jump free of the feedlips during a bolt forward reload.
The bolt open reload requires little force to seat. It is possible for a round to escape from badly worn feedlips if excess force is used during the procedure.
Kyle Lamb offers a check procedure for those who do not have access to a feedlip gauge. Load the mag to 2/3 capacity. While holding the magazine vertically in one hand, firmly bump the bottom of the magazine with the opposing hand. If a round escapes the feedlips, the magazine is bad and needs crushed and replaced.

I have crushed a lot more USGI aluminum magazines than I ever have PMags. According to my notes, the ratio is 83:2. The two PMags that I have decommisioned were both cracked feedlips- One was loaded fully, frozen at -40F, then dropped feedlips down on concrete during T&E about 10 years ago. It still retained rounds and feed ammunition perfectly, but MagPul replaced it no questions asked and paid freight both ways. It was a first generation magazine. I have twenty from that batch that I continue to use to this day. The other was a OD M2 mag that got kicked off a second floor balconey during some active shooter training. It also continued to function, but was replaced by MagPul.

I trust the MagPul PMag implicitly.
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3/7/2019 11:10 PM

Longeye, I trust and use Pmags as well, but most of the ones I've used won't pass your "whack" test.  I don't see that as a problem.  It only causes a problem when you don't understand how to load an AR.

Heard of a feed lip guage but never seen one.  Aluminum mags dent then won't feed.  Running a gunning in full rattle battle is what causes that most often. 300 pounds of freemdom-fighter plus kit hitting the deck bends stuff.  An in-spec GI mag (won't get into out of spec GI minority set-aside mags, AR15 has articles for anybody interested) with a Magpul follower is the mag to beat, IMO, Just keep if from getting dented

I ain't much on full-auto (full of sound and fury, signifying nothing) unless it is bipod supported and belt fed.  Full auto AR's are an excellen solution to a non-existent problem.  If you must go there, I'd avoid not metal mags.

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3/24/2019 8:34 AM
10 & 30 round Pmags. I have a lot of 30 rounders. Never a problem. I bought 10 - 10 rounders to tryout. I actually like them for hunting.
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7/5/2019 2:09 PM
I've been using Lancer AWM 20rd mags for .300BO and 5.56 more lately, and I'm still looking for decent Grendel magazines. Wish Lancer would make some. I like the texture of the AWM more, and I've had fewer problems leaving them loaded than with PMags. I find the 20s are easier to carry for a "recon" type load, and especially in the gun. If using any kind of concealment bag or carrier a maagzine that doesn't protrude below the grip makes it easier to insert or withdraw the rifle.
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