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9/26/2017 1:40 PM

So my family and I are flying into denver Nov.18 through the 25 to spend some time with a family member living in Colorado Springs. Seeing as ive never been to CO what are some things to hit up?

Little back story though, i will have wife, 11 year old and 6 year old in tow. My mother whom we are visiting has bone cancer so super strenuous and over nighters are out. 

I know there are tons of things to do but the whole tourist thing is not me. I hate hurding to places like cattle. so what to do, and which of the attractions (tourist) are worth dealing with the crouds? Any input would be greatly appriciated.


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9/26/2017 2:25 PM
Are you looking for stuff local to Colorado Springs only, or anywhere in Colorado? What type of things does your family enjoy doing? Are you looking for indoor or outdoor activities.

By then Pikes Peak will be closed, I think, otherwise it is worth the trip in my opinion. I also highly recommend the Garden of Gods, especially if you haven't seen slick rock before. Those are kind of the two must do things in the Springs tourist wise in my opinion. Other than that I would just head into the Mountains. If you are looking for more culture and indoor stuff the Denver Museum of Natural History is excellent and they often have interesting traveling exhibits too. I have heard the Denver Zoo is good, but haven't been.

Hopefully, El Mac will drop in as he lives near the Springs and has a couple of boys.

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9/26/2017 3:30 PM
Bobcass, you didn't say if your mother is going to be in tow the whole time.
The cog railway that will take you up to the top of Pike's Peak will still be open subject of course to weather. http://cograilway.com/train-times.asp#winter-times I highly recommend it...the crowds are not bad. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a crowd here. Scot is correct, a nice drive through Garden of the Gods is always nice. If you don't have your mother in tow, you can hike a lot of it...there is also the Red Rocks Park. Great trails there and if you are more adventurous, Section 16. https://coloradosprings.gov/parks-recreation-and-cultural-services/page/parks-trails-open-space

You may like to check out the Air Force Academy visitor's center...and you can tour the chapel which is pretty cool.

If you are bringing guns, there are three quality indoor ranges to get some trigger time in. There are two very nice outdoor ranges as well, but you have to be a guest of a member.

There is also the zoo...a nice one at that. http://www.cmzoo.org/

There are plenty of local brew pubs and bars in the downtown area as well...and if you have the time and money, there is the Great Wolf Lodge further north near Monument. It's basically an indoor water park. Spendy, but...you know best about what you have there.

And bro, if you want weed, you can hit some dispensaries. I've only been inside them for business, but if you are of a mind to partake...
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9/26/2017 8:59 PM
Pretty sure there are lots of wheelchair accessible paths in the Garden of the Gods. If there is lymphedema - actually any edema now that I think about it, going all the way up Pikes Peak is inadvisable.

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9/27/2017 5:58 AM
Awesome, OK so my mother will not be with us all the whole time as she has lived there for awhile, and I'm sure she can give advise and we and we will be renting a car. Having said that i want to do some of the must do tourist things but i really do not want to spend our whole time just running around to tourist attraction and such. We live in NC and do a ton of camping, car and backpacking, hiking and such. we are a fairly outdoor active family when time and funds will allow. Though my 11 year old daughter would rather be at the mall (ARG!!).
So pikes peak is defiantly something to do, if open. Garden of the gods was questionable to me but if ya'll say do it we are and the incline rail (cog railway).
We have a great zoo here in NC less than 20 mins away if anyone gets up this way its a huge zoo. (Asheboro, NC)
I've heard great things about the beer and pubs too, going to be an adults only night i foresee, HA!
As far as the pot, my mom is a little pot head, LOL but I'm will have to pass on partaking. The main reason for going to is to see if its a place we could call home for a few years to help take care of her. I'm a bit apprehensive being such a liberal state but we shall see...
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9/27/2017 6:57 AM
CO isn't a liberal state, it is about 50% liberal -- all of whom are concentrated in Denver metro and the ski towns. C/S is majority conservative, as is the rest of the state. Over on our side of the mountains, a common smear in the last election was to accuse a candidate of "being like Obama". Open carry is fairly common here and some of the guys even have squared away pistols and holsters.

I'm trying to remember the exact TH location, but there's a pretty nice trail that climbs up into the rampart range just south of Monument. The one on the AF Academy is nice too but I understand it is closed to the public now.

We are fortunate in this matter that your conduct will be your marker and, thus, your reputation. The conduct of others on this forum has been, and will continue to be, their marker, and thus, their reputation. In the west, a person invests in one's reputation carefully. - 112Papa
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9/27/2017 8:13 AM
Evan, the TH you are looking for is "Herman Mt.". There is also another nice one I go to for escape and head clearing on the way up from Palmer Lake to Larkspur called Spruce Mountain. A great little loop. Out of the way enough to keep the ash and trash out...and during the week it's a ghost town. Fine by me...but OP, if you need to have your kids burn off some energy...it's a nice walk.

There are a couple more in the Broadmoor area.

Sadly, the ball busting Manitou Incline is closed for repairs but that one offers a solid workout and spectacular view of the Front Range. I don't think it reopens until Jan.

And Evan is spot on. Colorado is not liberal. But the cancer that is Denver/Boulder have the concentration of useful idiots that dictate to the rest of the state. Like all states now...politics is being driven by the mouth breathers in the urban areas. My home state of Texas is about to get a taste of the same thing.

But I digress.

By the way, what is this mall thing you speak of?
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9/27/2017 9:48 AM
Well thanks for the info, i was really unaware. I was always under the impression it was much a liberal sided state but you sir are correct in saying how politics are run. My home state is also TX, currently live in NC as stated above.

When i mentioned the "mall" i was just saying she is getting to that age where she want to shop. I do not do malls, cant deal with the people.

I'm looking forward to the trip, will definitely hit the TH at Herman mt.
From what I've seen the population in CO springs is something like 450,000+ if memory serves and here in NC the city i live in is closer to 30,000. Huge difference. The closet bigger city is Greensboro, NC which i think is more on the 280,000+. So big difference but i hoping its a bit more spread out. Which is why I'm wanting to gravitate away from most of the book/internet sights to see.
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9/27/2017 9:50 AM
By the by, love the implication of not knowing what a mall is. I wish it were true that i did not nor my children but that is just the tip of a titanic sized iceberg is it not!!
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9/27/2017 10:13 AM
El Mac covered the most common stuff. We were dragged away by work a few years ago, but I remember a few things we enjoyed.

I remember the Pikes Peak Highway being open year round, depending on snow. The cog rail is nice, but there's more to stop and see if you drive it. Whatever you do, save the Peak for after you've been in town a few days. We drove up after less than 48 hours of acclimation and it was BRUTAL. Drink lots of water and take ibuprofen with you. It helps.

Same thing goes for any hiking in/near CoS. The altitude will kick you and your kids hard. Take it easy and don't be in a rush. Be prepared for the weather to change rapidly. Drink plenty of water. CoS has the absolute best tasting tap water I've ever had in my life. Might as well enjoy it!

As for outdoor shooting, did they change the rules at the range outside Fort Carson? The one that's co-owned by the Sheriff's Office? That was a nice, easy to get to, range with rifle shooting out to 200yds (paper targets) and steel targets out to 600yds, IIRC.

If the weather is bad, check out the Pioneer Museum in downtown. I thought it was really cool and they have some great old guns on display. https://www.cspm.org/
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9/27/2017 10:16 AM
Ah, yes I forgot to mention the co-use range at Carson as well as the Pioneer Museum! Good catch.
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9/27/2017 11:25 AM
WOW Great tip about the altitude, last thing i need for my kids and myself is a bout of alt sickness. That would not be good, especially going from 800-1000 feet here in NC where I'm at.
I plan on pounding water though.
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