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Coyote Ruff
Coyote Ruff (ruff)
coyote fur ruff that is set up to attach directly to our Wind Cheater
+ limited run - If you are able to add it to your cart, we have it in stock. If we don't have it in stock, email indicating your interest in this color in this product and we'll email you when we have it again. Some colors we only do once a year or less.
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Weight: 0.23 lb
Length: 0.00 in
Width: 0.00 in
Height: 0.00 in
description Description

When temperatures drop, a fur ruff becomes a very useful part of an outdoor garment. The extra warmth around the neck or face area is nice, but a ruff will do a lot more than that. It will protect your eyes and face in driving snow so that you can still see out. It will also pre-heat the air entering your lungs during heavy exertion in sub freezing temperatures.

Our fur ruffs are supplied by Glacier Wear and come from coyotes taken in Montana and Alberta. We add the zipper and velcro tab arrangement that allow them to be attached directly to our Wind Cheaters, which already have the corresponding zipper and velcro halves. Our fur ruffs will also attach to another garment that we are planning to produce.

Note that these will *not* attach to the First Spear Wind Cheater. Also, this is real fur from animals that were once in the backcountry doing their thing. As such, there is natural variation between ruffs.

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