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Attache (ATT)
ranger green
full size pals / velcro loop field (ranger)
docked to an umlindi for travel (ranger)
color:foliageranger green
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Weight: 1.44 lb
Length: 3.00 in
Width: 11.00 in
Height: 17.00 in
Dimensional Volume: 561.00 in3
Dimensional Volume (DV) is NOT the number used by manufacturers to denote capacity. To get a cubic inch number that you can use to compare to what you're accustomed to, multiply DV by 1.5 as a rule of thumb. Bigger packs can use an even bigger multiplier - up to 1.7.
  • accepts
    • Bottle Holsters
    • Medium GP
    • Small GP
  • color
    • foliage grey
    • ranger green
  • equipage category
    • tools - expected use
  • equipage level
    • 0.5
    • 1.0
    • 1.5
  • goes on
    • Umlindi
  • PALS / Molle Compatible
    • yes
  • velcro compatible
    • yes

We alternate between Foliage and Ranger Green.  Please email us at info@hillpeoplegear.com if you are interested in the Ranger Green and we will let you know as soon as it is available again.

The Attache is a compression panel / attache case. As a stand alone case, it is the computer bag that we've been wanting for years - a padded sleeve for the laptop plus a full footprint accessory pocket. A grab handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap complete the picture. Not too much, not too little.

Rather than make some arbitrary decisions about accessory pocket layout, we lined the entire accessory compartment with First Spear's 6/12 fabric. This allows you to use either PALS backed or velcro hook backed pouches to set it up as you wish. You can set it up for off body firearm carry, or with rip out medical pouches, or exactly the commuter layout you want or... The accessory compartment is accessed via a dual zipper pull panel that opens on 3 sides. You can set it up in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

The Attache Case is also designed to integrate seamlessly with our Umlindi Backpack for "everyday carry" and travel uses. It has the correct perimeter tabs to dock it to the back of the Umlindi as a compression panel. In this mode, the shoulder strap can be tucked away between the Attache and Umlindi until needed. What was an end entry  laptop slot is now top entry for easy laptop access when mounted on the Umlindi. For ease of plane travel, you can leave the laptop compartment unzipped and the laptop secured with the over the top strap that is part of the Umlindi. When you get to your destination, detach the Attache to carry around your business essentials and leave the Umlindi in your hotel room.

The Attache is a great choice for a stand alone laptop case or an integrated travel system when used with the Umlindi backpack. It has the following features:

  • 500d construction
  • beefy #10 zippers with reverse zipper pulls for smooth look
  • accessory compartment is 1.5" deep with 11 channel  4 row PALS grid / full size Velcro loop field
  • removable adjustable 1.5" carry strap
  • side carry handle
  • padded laptop compartment accepts up to 11"x16" laptop

Marcus Wynne's Review

What About Inserts?

If you want to use PALS backed pouches inside of the Attache, we trust you know where to get them. We're really liking the ease of use, quick reorganization, and lower cost of velcro backed pouches. We may produce some ourselves in time. However, here is a list of places you can get velcro loop backed pouches:

Blue Force Gear

LBX Tactical


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