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Fricke Zacchaeus Holster - Glock
minimal trigger guard cover for securing a Glock in the bottom of a Kit Bag
Heavy Recon Kit Bag
All the tacti-cool features in a mid volume Kit Bag that still retains a low profile.
Recon Harness $46.00
Recon Harness
This harness replaces the stock harness on any Kit Bag and provides a little bit of rear cargo capability.
original Kit Bag V2
Our largest most capable general purpose Kit Bag
original Kit Bag
the most all around useful of the kit bag models, particularly for backcountry use.
Runner's Kit Bag
This is a thin version of our regular footprint bag, optimized for a lower social profile in urban and front country environments.
Recon Kit Bag $95.00
Recon Kit Bag
This is the same minimal size as the Runner's, but with PALS on the front for adding your own organizational system. Run it slick, or build it up.
Snubby Kit Bag
This is a small footprint bag for folks who want to carry a subcompact pistol and little else, or don't have enough space across their chests for the regular footprint bags.
Snubby Kit Bag - original pattern
This is a larger volume Kit Bag option for folks with smaller frames. It will carry the same amount as a Runner's or Recon Kit Bag in a smaller footprint.
Runner's Harness
This allows you to tie any Kit Bag and a Tarahumara or Umlindi together into a single dedicated vest.
Lifter Straps
For docking the weight of your KB onto a host pack to create a counterbalanced load.
Stabilizer Strap
Stabilize a Kit Bag for running in it
Slot Pocket Survival Kit
Professional quality survival kit that fits in the slot pocket of a Kit Bag and a bunch of other places.

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Edward Curtis Canyon De Chelly
When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. Most simply called themselves The People. Over time, those who chose the rougher freer life of the up country came to think of themselves as the Hill People.
Hill People Gear