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Wind Cheater (WC)
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Weight: 1.50 lb
Length: 0.00 in
Width: 0.00 in
Height: 0.00 in
Dimensional Volume: 0.00 in3
Dimensional Volume (DV) is NOT the number used by manufacturers to denote capacity. To get a cubic inch number that you can use to compare to what you're accustomed to, multiply DV by 1.5 as a rule of thumb. Bigger packs can use an even bigger multiplier - up to 1.7.
  • color
    • coyote brown
  • equipage category
    • insulation
    • shelter
    • tools - contingency
    • tools - expected use
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    • 1.0
    • 1.5
    • 2.0
    • 3.0

When First Spear showed us a production sample of their Wind Cheater, we were struck by how close the overall cut was to our prototype mountain parka. When FS offered us the chance to do a derivative version of their Wind Cheater with the things that were important to us, we jumped at it. This garment is the perfect backcountry shell / mid layer for a wide range of conditions short of rain. The slightly stretchy Cordura Ambush fabric is on the robust side for a wind shirt, breathes better than most wind shirts, and cuts the wind and light moisture quite well.

Our Wind Cheater has the following features:

  • 1lb 8oz in size large
  • Properly cut - order your t-shirt size and you'll have a garment suitable for use in the backcountry with room for movement and a layer underneath (same sizing as FS Wind Cheater)
  • Fully contoured and adjustable oversize hood can be worn over a helmet but is manageable without one
  • Zipper half and velcro tab arrangement for removable coyote fur ruff (available separately)
  • HPG "Napoleon Cargo Pockets" - dual oversized napoleon pockets are positioned above a pack belt but low enough you can get at them while wearing a Kit Bag. Behind the napoleons are open side entry hand warmer pockets.
  • Mixed HPG and FS branding
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Pit zippers for additional ventilation
  • Drop tail with drawcord at bottom hem
  • #8 main zipper

Differences between FS Wind Cheater and HPG Wind Cheater:

  • FS has sleeve pockets, HPG has none
  • FS has low side entry zippered handwarmer pockets, HPG has Napoleon Cargo Pockets as described above
  • FS has velcro loop on shoulders, HPG doesn't
  • FS has velcro loop on top of head, HPG doesn't
  • HPG has zipper / velcro arrangement for optional coyote fur ruff, FS doesn't

Edward Curtis Canyon De Chelly
When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. Most simply called themselves The People. Over time, those who chose the rougher freer life of the up country came to think of themselves as the Hill People.
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