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D.A. Response Kit - HPG Ed. (DAHPG)
shown in runner's KB
shown in runner's KB
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Weight: 0.43 lb
Length: 0.50 in
Width: 7.00 in
Height: 5.00 in
Dimensional Volume: 17.50 in3
Dimensional Volume (DV) is NOT the number used by manufacturers to denote capacity. To get a cubic inch number that you can use to compare to what you're accustomed to, multiply DV by 1.5 as a rule of thumb. Bigger packs can use an even bigger multiplier - up to 1.7.
  • equipage category
    • tools - contingency
  • equipage level
    • 0.5
    • 1.0
    • 1.5
    • 2.0
    • 3.0

Ever since we took a TCCC based medical class, we've wanted to make something like this available to our customers. First off, if you haven't taken such a class, get trained!

If you are trained, this might be the minimalist blowout kit you've been looking for. In backcountry travel weight, size, space, and capability are a constant set of trade-offs. After a heads up from our friends at SOLKOA, we ended up settling on the SWAT-T tourniquet for our backcountry first aid kit. Not because it's the best TQ out there - it's not. But it is a passable TQ that is very light and compact and also does extra duty as a compress or emergency firestarter. So for the backcountry traveler who isn't deliberately going into harm's way, it is a good compromise between having nothing and having one of the larger single purpose TQs. But a TQ does not a trauma kit make.

We'd been hearing great things about Dark Angel Medical from friends. In addition to training (42 lives saved as a direct result of their training at the time of this writing), they also have a range of well thought out "Direct Action Response Kits" -- or trauma kits. We ordered a couple of their Pocket D.A.R.K. Mini kits to check them out. The contents were what we'd always had in mind, but the form factor wasn't quite what we wanted. After a conversation with Dark Angel about what we were trying to accomplish, they came up with the perfect thing - a slightly beefed up Mini, packaged in a flat and wide format (7"x5"x1/2") perfect for dropping into a Kit Bag, or the top pocket of a Ute, or the slot pocket on an Umlindi, or a cargo pocket, or... you get the idea. Here's what's in the Pocket D.A.R.K. Jr - HPG Edition:

  • Celox Rapid Ribbon
  • Mini Compression Bandage
  • SWAT - Tourniquet
  • 3' Duct Tape multi-use and can be utilized along with the vacuum-bag to make an expedient occlusive dressing.
  • Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • Vacuum packed in a 3 mil bag

Assembled in Colorado USA out of US and foreign products.

Edward Curtis Canyon De Chelly
When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. Most simply called themselves The People. Over time, those who chose the rougher freer life of the up country came to think of themselves as the Hill People.
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