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Slot Pocket Survival Kit (v2) (SPSKV2)
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nylon container
build Specifications
Weight: 0.80 lb
Length: 1.50 in
Width: 4.50 in
Height: 6.00 in
description Description

We teamed up with our friends at SOLKOA again to make a beefier version of our handy Slot Pocket Survival Kit to cover some needs that didn't quite fit the slim form factor of the original. The V2 will still fit in the internal slot pockets of full size kit bags but does take up a little more space. The following changes have been made to the new version:

  • Durable nylon bag instead of plastic bag to hold contents. 
  • 1 full size fastfire® cube (1") instead of two 1/4 size cubes.
  • Added a full size heat reflective emergency blanket (1mil). 
  •  Mini baseplate compass instead of button compass.


This is all top quality gear, but probably the best feature is the survival information that comes with it. SOLKOA's principal quite literally "wrote the book" (senior editor on both Army FM 3-05.70 and the Multi-Service Survival Evasion manual) and it shows in the SPSK's information sheet. The information is organized in order of survival priority (real survival priority, not imagined) and conveys easily acted upon principles rather than useless arts and crafts ideas. We've not seen better anywhere

In addition to the information sheet, the SPSK contains:

  • Emergency Blanket & Signal Panel, Compact, Orange / Silver, Reflective, Metallized Polyethylene, 84” x 56”
  • Signal Mirror, Day/Night, Featherweight, Retro-reflective Tape on back, 2” x 3”
  • Whistle, Emergency Signal, Twin Chamber, Pealess, 120dB SOLAS Approved, ACR®
  • Light, LED, White, Pinch-Style, Momentary and Slide Switching, Photon II™
  • Compass, Compact Baseplate, 18mm, Liquid Dampened, Rotating Bezel, Luminous Marks
  • Paper, Note-Taking, Waterproof, (5) Mini-Sheets, Rite-in-the-Rain® with Pencil
  • Magnifying Lens, 4x power, Fresnel, Compact 2” x 3”
  • Metal Match, FastStrike™ Ferro-Rod, 6mm x 3” with 3” Hacksaw Striker
  • Fire Tinder, Emergency, Fastfire™, (2) Full Size 1" Cubes, Water & Wind Resistant
  • Fire Accelerants, Waterproof Kindling, (3) Rubber Sheets
  • Water Storage Bag, Roll Top, 1L capacity
  • Water Purification Tabs (6), Chlorine Dioxide, 1 per 1L water
  • Cordage, High Strength, 400lbs test, 15ft., Technora® (NOT FOR CLIMBING!)

It would cost you more to buy all of the contents of this kit at retail than it costs you to buy the completed kit from us.

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