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D.A. Response Kit - HPG Ed.
D.A. Response Kit - HPG Ed. (DAHPG)
A minimalist trauma kit for the prepared backcountry traveler who has no plans to deliberately go into harm's way.
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shown in runner's KB
shown in runner's KB
build Specifications
Weight: 0.43 lb
Length: 0.50 in
Width: 7.00 in
Height: 5.00 in
  • equipage category
    • tools - contingency
  • equipage level
    • 0.5
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description Description

Ever since we took a TCCC based medical class, we've wanted to make something like this available to our customers. First off, if you haven't taken such a class, get trained!

If you are trained, this might be the minimalist blowout kit you've been looking for. In backcountry travel weight, size, space, and capability are a constant set of trade-offs. After a heads up from our friends at SOLKOA, we ended up settling on the SWAT-T tourniquet for our backcountry first aid kit. Not because it's the best TQ out there - it's not. But it is a passable TQ that is very light and compact and also does extra duty as a compress or emergency firestarter. So for the backcountry traveler who isn't deliberately going into harm's way, it is a good compromise between having nothing and having one of the larger single purpose TQs. But a TQ does not a trauma kit make.

We'd been hearing great things about Dark Angel Medical from friends. In addition to training (42 lives saved as a direct result of their training at the time of this writing), they also have a range of well thought out "Direct Action Response Kits" -- or trauma kits. We ordered a couple of their Pocket D.A.R.K. Mini kits to check them out. The contents were what we'd always had in mind, but the form factor wasn't quite what we wanted. After a conversation with Dark Angel about what we were trying to accomplish, they came up with the perfect thing - a slightly beefed up Mini, packaged in a flat and wide format (7"x5"x1/2") perfect for dropping into a Kit Bag, or the top pocket of a Ute, or the slot pocket on an Umlindi, or a cargo pocket, or... you get the idea. Here's what's in the Pocket D.A.R.K. Jr - HPG Edition:

  • Celox Rapid Ribbon
  • Mini Compression Bandage
  • SWAT - Tourniquet
  • 3' Duct Tape multi-use and can be utilized along with the vacuum-bag to make an expedient occlusive dressing.
  • Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • Vacuum packed in a 3 mil bag

Assembled in Colorado USA out of US and foreign products.

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